Hair Regimen

This is my current regimen as at July 2015.
When my hair is out;
Pre poo before shampoo washes
Shampoo wash every week
Deep condition weekly; in other words I deep condition every time I shampoo 
Use a leave in product after all washes
Amla Oil blend on scalp twice a week 
Moisturize as needed 
Depending on what hairstyle I want I either air-dry 100% or air-dry 80% then blow dry or skip air drying and do a rollerset under a hooded dryer. 
Quick tip: you can cut your air drying time by half using a stand alone or desk top fan to dry your hair. 
Relax when my new growth is too much to  handle I don't have a set guideline but I usually relax from 12 weeks post onwards. I keep my hair in protective styles usually in one form of an extension do or the other, when my new growth becomes really thick until I am ready to relax/texlax; I plan to always texlax from now on. Dust or trim as needed. I alternate between homemade all natural deep conditioners and store bought deep conditioners and deep condition with heat when I use store bought deep conditioners.

Braids Regimen (For hair braided using extensions)
The same can be slightly altered for sew in weaves;
Shampoo wash and deep condition before installation
Amla oil blend on scalp twice a week
Spray scalp and hair with a braid spray thrice a week. I alternate between store bought products and homemade products
Shampoo wash  every two – three weeks; this depends on the extensions used and style (if doing high  impact cardio workouts consistently  then I wash every week)
Shampoo wash, deep condition once the braids are taken out

 Extra Information 
For weaves and tree/crotchet braids only the roots and scalp are sprayed. For other braided styles roots, scalp and length of my real hair are sprayed with a homemade braid spray.
I use an applicator bottle to oil my scalp and massage afterwards.
I assign  days to my regimen for consistency and also as it is easier to remember. 
I dry my hair using a cotton t-shirt and I love it, the t-shirt absorbs more water and doesn’t snag my hair.  

Homemade braid spray recipe
The percentages are just a guideline and varies with every new batch as I usually measure by sight. I mix in a spray bottle;
70% distilled water or Aloe Vera Juice
20% store bought leave in conditioner or moisturizer
10% mixture of natural oils and sometimes glycerine
Shake well before spraying each time.

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