Sunday, 18 November 2012


My wakeup call came when I realized that I had lost almost 2 inches of hair in less than 7 months due to improper care which led to breakage. I have always had shoulder length hair which is pretty long most of the times but there were times when it went a little bit shorter due to improper care but it never bothered me since it grew right back but it was always shoulder length. I realized that if I took better care of my hair and owned it then I could go way past this length. I said owned it because most women let their hairdressers own their hair they have no clue absolutely what is going on with their hair in between appointments. I have decided to own my hair fully, if I could braid myself I would  but I can only cornrow and not neatly so I will still go to my hairdresser every now and then when necessary  but I will own my hair. My current length as at November 2012 is somewhere in between neck length and shoulder length my ultimate goal is to reach armpit length if I get to bra strap length that’s good too:) I believe with consistency in my regimens and patience I will get there.

March 2012

November 2012 split ends and all!
Update: the ends were trimmed in this post

Just Google "Hair Chart" to see where I am at and where I would like to end up. Currently in between NL and SL hoping to get to APL in about a year going by the fact that hair grows 1/2 an inch every month so that is 6 inches a year and taking into consideration the necessary trims and any breakage or shedding that may occur. The major reason why hair seems  like it is not growing is due to lack of length retention. I grow hair but loose it to improper care which leads to breakage and lose of length. So my major aim apart from healthy locks is length retention by taking care of my ends and having my hair in protective styles from time to time. My chosen protective styles are bunning, twists, cornrows and braids i am off weaves these days but i may invest in a wig i have been meaning to do so for ages for those extremely bad hair days when you get a last minute meeting or invite to a party and have no time to make your hair presentable. I have never worn a wig in my life ever so this will be very interesting.

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