Friday, 5 April 2013

Random hair musings...

These days I find myself reading ingredients on products at the BSS more so on oil blends that come in a small overpriced bottle and if they contain a lot of natural ingredients then I know I can use the natural ingredients on their own and they will work just fine. So for example If a “miracle oil” contains jojoba, olive, coconut, castor oils, something paraben, alcohol something or any other ingredient with an unpronounceable name, I know I can just mix them up at home and use.  I am a very experimental person, very open to new ideas not afraid to mix up and use my own concoctions. I only draw the line with experimenting if it poses a health and safety risk.

The term “hair mayonnaise” on almost every other deep conditioning treatment in the market coupled with extensive internet research is what led me to use edible mayonnaise to condition my hair. I just hope they don’t come up with “hair beef” or something like that! Until I started paying more attention to what goes in my hair the only edible hair products I was aware of were avocados, eggs, coconuts (grew up with this knowledge) lemons, honey and dairy products like yoghurt, cream among others that I was introduced to by friends later on in life. 

While reading up on garlic treatments to combat excessive shedding it hit me that the reason I have never had a problem with excessive shedding is due to my diet. Ok I know you must be wondering why I am reading up on a problem I have never really had, well I like to be informed that’s why. Even when I did the black tea rinse it was more for experiments sake there was no excessive shedding or anything like that going on; I am quite big on testing out theories too. Back to garlic, it has always been in my diet for as long as I can remember.  As a pre teen and well into my teens one of my weekend chores was to help out with the weekly garlic and ginger crushing which we made into a paste added a few drops of lemon juice as a preservative and stored in the fridge to use during the week. I cook almost all my main meals with garlic in them I even fry eggs with a bit of garlic so I guess my garlic infused diet is helping me from the inside out! 

Just so you know coconut oil only comes in two forms refined and unrefined also referred to as pure or virgin. The difference is that unrefined has a coconut scent  while refined is odorless. Just thought I should throw that out there in case anyone thought their virgin coconut oil was less superior to “extra” virgin coconut oil. Advertisers and manufacturers are very clever people.

While on my blog rounds yesterday I came across Mongongo oil, I had never heard of it before, you learn something new every day!   Anyway enough rambling for today till next time lovelies.

BSS: Beauty Supply Store


  1. You are so right !
    With a balanced diet you will notice the health from inside out. During easter my parents made holidays at my house and i noticed that the galic my mother used in our meals that my bad cold was fade away just from eating right for a week.
    I believe that someone with the right diet doesnt need all the suppllements out there.

    I also dont believe in such "miracle oils" because just like you said we can make the concoction ourselves without these parabens and whatnot.

    1. Very true Bebe what you eat matters a lot it is reflected in your skin, hair and overall health as well. Garlic cures a lot of ailments and is also said to be good for the heart as well.


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