Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Another homemade DC...

I first read about onions for hair on an Indian make up and beauty blog a few months back. Along the way I also came upon bananas for hair on the web and the mixologist in me decided to concoct a deep conditioner using these ingredients;

1 ripe banana
Half a big avocado (ripe)
1 egg
¼ cup buttermilk
¼ big onion peeled and chopped
1 teaspoon glycerine
1 tablespoon rosemary and garlic infused olive oil

Onions contain sulphur and have been known to combat hair loss by encouraging re-growth and combat dandruff while garlic helps prevent shedding.  For anyone who wishes to use garlic topically for shedding you can crush a few cloves I would say five to six depending on the size of the cloves and length or volume of your hair. Boil that in 2-3 cups water and let steep for a few hours, strain and then use as a rinse alternatively you can use the powder instead the same way. You can mask the scent by adding some essential oils to the rinse. Since this rinse is heavy on the garlic scent follow up with a nice smelling conditioner or deep conditioner.

See how I got sidetracked there? Ok we are now back to the subject of this post. For this particular DC If you can’t stand the scent leave the onion and garlic out but it’s not bad I assure you the other ingredients mask the strong scent in fact the banana completely overpowered the other ingredients or just add an essential oil like lavender to mask the scent. For best results I blended all the ingredients together to ensure a smooth creamy mix that is easy to apply. DC’ed with the mix for 30 minutes then rinsed. After rinsing I followed up with a normal conditioner to help detangle. I think I am slowly getting my breakage under control, I had minimal breakage this wash day thank goodness and my hair felt really soft and conditioned afterwards. You can use either the banana or avocado it's not necessary to use both, I just happened to have both at the time and decided to use them together.

In other hair news; I was a bit heavy handed with oils last week Wednesday and when I co washed the next day, my hair still felt greasy so I co washed again within the hour but this time I used a ratio of 4 parts conditioner to 1 part shampoo mixed together and it worked much better. Has anyone else co washed this way and does that still count as a co wash or does it now become a co-poo-wash?

Having struggled with this style in the past, I managed to achieve a fairly decent bantu knot out!

Did the bantu knots at night and secured with bobby pins
The results the next morning

DC: Deep Conditioning


  1. i've never tried co-poo-washing! looks like your bantu knot came out great and thanks for sharing this homemade dc

    1. Thank you and you are welcome, there are more homemade DC recipes on the recipe page at the top. I think I will be co-poo-washing a lot more from now. Thanks for stopping by:)


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