Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Spot the difference?

Source: Dark and LovelySA Facebook page

Source: Soft Sheen Carson

Both product ranges belong to the same company Soft Sheen Carson.

One is branded “Optimum” the other “Dark and Lovely”. The Optimum brand came out a couple of months ago and was launched in the US the Dark and Lovely brand was launched about two months ago into the African market. I believe the reason for this is Dark and Lovely is more popular in Africa than Optimum (both are widely available) so the good folks at Soft Sheen Carson probably thought it fitting to re-launch the product under the very popular “Dark and Lovely” brand into the African market. This is not unusual in my travels I have many a time encountered familiar items (and even stores) in other countries with totally new names it is only upon further research that I found out that the products were from the same company. I haven’t tried either so I don’t know anything about the ingredients or how it makes your hair feel but if you have please do chip in.


  1. I've tried the Dark and Lovely line. The 1001 Oils Wrap Cream is the bizniz!!!! Ten out of ten, definitely! I use it as directed AND as a moisturizer. It is glorious! The shampoo is okay, very thick, a little will go a very long way, very much value for money.It's worth a try. The Deep Treatment gets a 3/5 from me. Not bad, but not brilliant either. I will not try the relaxer (I only use kiddie kits such as ORS Olive Oil No-Lye for Girls) and I will not use the Oil Moisturizer (Petrolatum as 2nd ingredient, yuck). I still need to try the Oil Potion (that includes the dropper) but I have heard very good reviews so far.

    1. Finally a review from someone who has used these products. Awesome Phoenix this was very helpful! thank you!


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