Friday, 18 October 2013



is more famous for being Breast Cancer Awareness month but did you know that it was also Domestic Violence Awareness month? Now you do.  In the last year alone I have read several stories about women who were sent to an early grave by their abusive husbands. Statistics say that at least 2 women are killed every week as a result of domestic violence. Some leave but are sent back by their families "do not bring shame to the family name" they are told, God hates divorce some are told, some are too emotionally abused to have the willpower to leave, some stay for the sake of their children, some are financially dependent on their abusers and this make them too scared to leave not knowing how they will survive if they do.

If you know someone in a domestic violence situation or suspect that they are going through one please reach out to them lend a helping hand, a listening ear do something. While it is ultimately their decision on whether to leave or stay, the support that they may or may not receive when they finally leave from family, friends and the society more often than not impacts their decision to leave or stay. If you can, do something you may save a life.

Here are two stories of one woman who had the courage to leave with her children and another who was killed by her husband in a domestic dispute; first is Oma’s story she had the courage to leave, it’s in ten parts but worth every read. Go here to read it. The second is a lady who was killed by her husband, go here to read it.


  1. Wow - thanks for sharing. Domestic violence is real. Two female relatives lost their lives to a partner. Very tragic. A third relative was severely beaten and required stitches. Just awful. We must take a stand against this behavior. Everyone, man or woman, deserves better.
    Divachyk @Relaxed Thairapy

    1. Your are welcome JC! Domestic violence and violence of any other kind is too real...I still don't understand how a person can decide to hit another person it just doesn't make sense to me whatever happened to dialogue, agreeing to disagree or simply walking away...*sigh* sad world we live in real sad:(


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