Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hair update!

So the training braids did not end up training at all I only managed to fix back one loose braid. I had to take them out on the fourth week as I had a couple of events that required my presence and I really wanted my hair to look presentable. Those braids as much as they didn’t look too bad at that point didn’t cut it for me even if I had redone the perimeter they wouldn’t have done me any justice so I had to take them down. I have had my hair out for about three weeks now and currently bunning as I make up my mind on the next long term protective style. I have made several changes to my regimen as at October 2013. Some of these changes are;
  • Deep condition weekly when my hair is out. I previously deep conditioned twice a month and the rest of the time was as needed.
  • Upped my castor oil scalp massage to thrice a week from twice so it’s now every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Only using 100% homemade Aloe Vera Juice in my homemade braid spray from now on. I previously mixed about 60% distilled water and 40% Aloe Vera Juice to make up the “watery liquid” portion.
  • Onion juice hair treatment before every wash. Go here to find out why.
That’s about it for now nothing much going on with the hair still on the fence about trimming, I know I am stubborn lol even though I last trimmed my hair last year November I have examined my ends and honestly I don’t think I need a trim just yet maybe a little dusting. Till next time ladies xoxo.
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