Sunday, 8 December 2013

Musings and an award...

The lovely Candice over at  Healthy Hair Diary nominated me for yet another Liebster award thanks chica! Check out my answers to previous awards here and here. On to Candice’s’ questions;

1       What is your favourite colour?
Blue was a favourite for a long time but I tend to lean towards bright colours a lot nowadays think oranges and yellows

          Describe your hair in 3 words.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful:)

         What length do you consider long hair?
Armpit Length and beyond

        How many blogs do you follow?
Around 50 

         What is your most expensive hair purchase to date?
My electrical hair appliances

      Pink or red nails, which do you prefer?
Definitely red

  Do you have any hobbies, share at least 2?
Does watching insane hours of YouTube videos count? The other one would be cooking; trying out new recipes from all over the world

   What is your favourite TV series?
Really don’t have one at the moment but I used to watch “Desperate Housewives “religiously

   Are you left or right handed?
       Right handed

   Have you ever been to the Caribbean, which island?
       Not yet but plan to someday

  Do you have any siblings?
        Yes one sister and three brothers

Random musings…
Sometimes we talk people listen but they do not hear us. I have been offering alternative solutions for a certain situation to a group of people for the longest time now they listen but choose not to hear me. This weekend I decided to put the saying “actions speak louder than words” to the test in regards to the situation at hand. Through my actions I spoke to these people and they heard me and the best part is I did not have to utter a single word from my mouth for them to hear me my actions did it for me. If only they had heard me when I first offered the alternative solutions everyone would have been better off but like the saying goes better late than never. If you are going through a being listened to but not heard situation maybe it’s time to make your actions do the talking for you. Happy hair growing and have a blessed day/night/afternoon wherever you are ladies!


  1. I'm starting to feel like I follow too many blogs lol

    1. Lol you can never follow too many. I follow various blogs with different subjects so that makes it less "repetitive" even though my biggest follow is hair blogs I also follow beauty, food, entertainment, DIY and a lot of personal blogs as well.


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