Monday, 9 February 2015

Lucia’s Bloggers Giveaway Competition

The lovely Lucia over at came up with an awesome idea to get bloggers connected that included a Valentine’s special giveaway sponsored by

So she wants to know……
How does online food delivery make my life easier?
The fact that I can get food delivered to my doorstep to satisfy my random cravings and lazy days when I am too tired to turn on the stove is a blessing.
What do you think can be improved on hellofood.coke?
24 hour delivery maybe yes I crave hot wings at 3am in the night sometimes and no I am not pregnant:) My food cravings are legendary the kind of wake up at night and cook kind of food cravings yes it’s that serious! Also get more restaurants on board and spread your services to other parts of the country.
What more can be improved on
As a hair blogger, I think Lucia plays it very safe with her hair perhaps too safe maybe? I would like to see her experiment more with her hair try different hair and braid styles and do product reviews of the products she uses on her hair including a post on her hair regimen if she has one. On the fashion aspect I would love to see more laid back styles something that one would wear to a very casual girls lunch date that does not include heels. Something you would wear on a random Saturday out and about running errands or shopping or something one would wear to a picnic for example or better still an afternoon outdoor concert in a park somewhere.


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