Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Impromptu Wash Day…

So I was sitting on the couch watching TV when I thought to myself how about I wash and deep condition my hair now that I really have nothing to do for a few hours. So I went to the bathroom with the intention of wetting my hair as usual then applying my deep conditioner. Halfway between getting my hair wet I was like why not just shampoo and deep condition for a change (I usually do the reverse at home – deep condition then shampoo).  The plan was to test out this dual rinse out/leave in conditioner that I had picked up at the beauty supply store. So I proceeded to shampoo and then midway during the shampoo session I was like why would I want to rinse out what can also be a leave in conditioner. I abandoned my deep conditioning plans temporarily and besides what my hair needs at the moment is an intense steaming deep conditioning session which I can only get done at the salon. So I shampooed my hair rinsed out and then conditioned with regular conditioner for like five minutes before rinsing it out. This Organics conditioner that I am using for the second time now is the absolute truth! The comb just glides through my hair when detangling and it leaves my hair very very soft on rinsing I almost did not apply any other product due to how soft it was post Organics conditioner rinse out. It smells really nice as well good stuff! Really good stuff get it if you can.
That Alberto Balsam green apple shampoo smells exactly like green apples; it reminds me of Granny smith Apples!
I towel blotted my hair dry sprayed on my Argan oil leave in conditioner and then blow dried on cool since I wanted to do some braids for a braid out. Once blow dried I applied this blend of Amla oil that I recently purchased on my scalp and massaged it in; it is a blend of Amla, Tea tree, Sunflower, jojoba, sweet almond and mineral oils, henna extract and other ingredients. I quite like it and because it is blended it has a pleasant scent unlike the pure Amla oil. I am taking a break from my castor oil scalp mix for a while and will be using this Amla blend for now. I just use castor oil on my edges every now and then. Scalp oiled I sectioned my hair and applied this new dual rinse out leave in cream conditioner Venus Beautiful Essence that I picked up the other day to each section and then braided. I used it as a leave in moisturizer works very well, softens hair and has a nice scent, the consistency is just right. So I think I will be using it for this purpose as opposed to a rinse out conditioner. I will probably purchase a larger sized tub next time I go product shopping since I only got a small size to test it out this time round. 
I like to do these joining braids for braidouts because my ends tend to unravel a lot so this makes sure they don't. Not sure what they are called in English but in Swahili we call them "Kamatana" (literally translated to mean hold each other) I am yet to unravel them they were only a few hours old at the time of publishing this post.

Finally a photo! Better late than never:)

The Wash Day Experience


  1. Can't wait to see your braid out chica!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  2. I actually prefer to do braid out like yours. Looking forward to seeing the result!

  3. Thanks Tomi and KLP! I will post a photo as soon as possible:) @Tomi yes this way makes it so mch easier for the ends to stay in place

  4. Waiting to see the braid out pics
    IU tagged you in the what's in my bag tag hope you can participate

    1. Thanks for the tag Bee will try and do mine soonest:) So I forgot to take pics of my braidout from this wash day but it looks like I will be wearing braidouts for the next week or so. I actually put a reminder on my phone to take pics next time hehehe sorry for the delay ladies


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