Friday, 24 June 2016

Fitness Friday: Healthy Eating!

I was watching this documentary the other day when it hit me the only way to eat healthy is to go back to the basics like we were taught at school and for me at home too. Eat a balanced diet (starch, proteins, fruits and veggies), everything in moderation and exercise. It really is that simple. Thankfully I have never really been one to buy into the hype of what’s trending at the moment in terms of food or fashion. Part of that I believe is because I am a researcher by nature I will not buy into something I have never heard of before without thorough research and also comes from my years of working retail while at Uni, when I discovered all the tricks used by clever marketers to make consumers buy their products whether they truly needed them or not no matter the cost. All those expensive “trendy” seeds, nuts, grains, detox drinks etc are not any better than your regular everyday cheaper varieties, in terms of nutritional value, that you have probably been consuming all your life. So you do not have to break the bank to “eat healthy” so to speak. There is no such thing as a “super food” more like “super clever marketers”.  Eat a balanced diet, work out regularly and you will be just fine. 

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