Friday, 19 August 2016

Taking Stock Three!

Making: plans really good plans  
Cooking Eating: a fruit first thing in the morning before having breakfast I have been doing it consistently everyday for a while now and I think it is a great way to start the day
Sewing Crocheting: an infinity scarf for a customer - a side business that simply fell into my laps and for which I am very much grateful
Drinking: hot cocoa it is a very chilly night in my neck of the woods
Reading: random blogs
Wanting: a getaway I need a change of environment even if just for a few days
Looking: ahead…and seeing great things on the horizon
Playing Listening: to a Q&A vlog on YouTube from one of my favourite vloggers as I type this
Wasting: nothing
Wishing: myself all the best in everything I do
Enjoying: this hot cocoa…so good!
Waiting: for all the blessings coming my way so excited!
Liking: my new non stick frying pan that I got for a steal - I am a sucker for sales
Wondering: why things sometimes happen the way they do; that’s life I guess
Loving: everything going on right now
Hoping: that I can meet up with a sister friend soon we have been planning this meet up for the longest time
Marvelling: at the wonders of Mother Nature
Needing: a couple of things that I will get soon enough
Smelling: the aroma from the food I made earlier
Wearing: a hoodie and sweatpants
Following: the Olympics; I want to go to Brazil so bad now *sigh* one day soon, one day soon
Noticing: the stain on a favourite tee and wondering where that came from
Still Knowing: that my happiness and peace of mind is a priority
Thinking: of some really wonderful people in my life God bless them all
Still Feeling: like everything is going to work out just fine…
Bookmarking: nothing at the moment
Opening: doors to new and exciting opportunities
Giggling:  I am more of a smiler:) always smiling hehehe

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