Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Crotchet Box Braids!

So I came across this crotchet box braid tutorial on Facebook. I don’t know but for me, personally it just seems like a whole lot of work.  I mean first you have to do the box braids with your own hair and then crotchet over that I think cornrows would be much quicker, but then again this can work well for people with really long hair who have trouble with tucking in their cornrowed tails so that they are not bulky. I mean the end result looked good and all but it just seemed like a lot of work to me. Another  con for me was how she had to weave in her natural hair tails with the crotchet latch hook to blend in with the crotchet braids individually. I wonder how they are taken down looking at the whole process I believe you have to unravel each individual crotchet braid in order to release your natural hair box braids. So let’s compare the cornrow method and the box braid method for crotchet braids and you be the judge.

Cornrow method
Hair is cornrowed in desired pattern
Crotchet braids are then installed over the cornrows and you are done
For take down you simply unravel each cornrow and the crotchet braids come out as you are taking out the cornrows
Box braid method
First you have to box braid your natural hair into however many box braids you desire
Then you install each crotchet braid into each individual box braid until the entire head is done
Once done installing you then need to tuck in each natural hair tail into each individual crotchet braid to blend them in
For take down first you have to unravel each crotchet braid to release your natural hair box braids
Once done you then have to take out each individual box braid

I don’t know about you but for me the cornrow method is so much easier and takes less time. Granted the end result for the box braid method looks good and all but it takes way too much time and effort. I would probably use the box braid method if I have someone else doing my hair and I have a bit of time to spare but for now the cornrow method it is for me.


  1. the box braid method does seem time consuming. I've seen another method where you first twist the hair and then do the box braid over it without the crochet, that one looks a bit simpler.

  2. It really does seem time consuming. Do you have a link to a tutorial for the twist method you mentioned? Never heard of it before...


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