Monday, 3 December 2012

Braids regimen..

After wearing my hair out in a short bob for a few days I decided to get a half cornrows half individual braids updo which came with a change in regimen. So here is my regimen for braids/cornrows the same is slightly altered when and if I choose to wear a weave.

Shampoo wash and deep condition before installation
Castor oil on scalp twice a week
Leave in braid spray mix (homemade) every other day on hair and scalp (recipe below)
Shampoo wash and hot oil treatment using natural oils every two weeks
Shampoo wash and deep condition immediately the braids are taken out

Homemade leave in conditioner/braid spray mix:
In a spray bottle I mix;
70% water
20% store bought leave in conditioner
10% aloe vera juice, glycerine and natural oils (I used almond and castor oils in this mix)
I shake well to mix before spraying each time

I choose to do a hot oil treatment since I can’t exactly deep condition with my homemade deep conditioners on braided hair washing out would be a nightmare! Oil is easier to wash out. The aloe vera juice helps to condition among other things, the oils add shine to the braids and nourishes the scalp, glycerine being a humectant attracts and retains moisture I add just a few drops and the water adds even more moisture keeping my hair moisturised. To be honest the percentages are just a guideline I measure by eye when adding to the bottle. If you want to try it you can use a teaspoon to measure out the rest after adding water to the bottle.  The key ingredients to this mix are water and a leave in conditioner the rest can be added as you wish meaning you don’t have to add everything I did; water, leave in conditioner and a natural oil will do just fine.  You can buy a new spray bottle or use an old spray bottle like I did I just washed out an empty body mist spray bottle that had finished and used it. 

I first heard of the use of aloe vera for conditioning hair (I was previously only aware of its use in body lotions and hair gels) while blog hopping in the healthy hair community and me being me went on a researching spree and found out some interesting facts about aloe vera. Apparently it is known as a treatment for hair loss since it aids in the growth of new hair by balancing PH levels and stimulating scalp enzymes. Both the juice and gel are used in hair care for various purposes. I actually use an aloe vera gel which I have had for a while to smoothen my edges as it is non drying and non flaky but I never thought it had anymore uses for the hair till I stumbled on it while hair blog hopping. Google really is your friend:)

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