Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hair, Scissors, Trim!

So the other day I did something I have only ever done once and swore never to do again this is why you should never say never people! I slept with products in my hair. I absolutely dislike sleeping with anything other than moisturizer in my hair and for the second time in my life I did it. This is how much I dislike products in my hair overnight if you offered me a magic conditioner that would grow my hair up to my legs and had to be used within 24 hours to work…8 of those in my hair...and I had to go to work the next day, I would rather condition in the morning wrap my hair with cling film throw on a hair net and then finish off with a scarf in a turban, bun or any other style and do the 8 hours at work rather than sleep with it in my hair. Shout out to those who deep condition overnight and especially the people who have Henna on overnight. I think maybe it was because it was oil and not a conditioner that made me decide to do it once more, so I did a pre poo with Amla oil (oil post coming up next) overnight in readiness for my shampoo wash the next day. 

I shampooed and deep conditioned the next day and gave myself a badly needed trim. I have given myself mini trims before but this was the first full head trim I finally got rid of the split/frayed ends in this photo (marked November 2012). If your hair is neck length and shorter you might want to get someone to trim off your ends because you will be doing more harm than good. You need to be able to see all your ends in good lighting to do a self trim.  I only trust two people my hairdresser cousin and a friend to trim my ends and since I was far from both of them I did it myself took off about an inch give or take which took it to NL even though the back is grazing SL. This is probably going to be my last major trim in a long time since i am on retaining length mode i plan to dust (nipping off the ends about 1/4 of an inch or less) periodically about every 6 weeks to avoid having to do a major trim.  I really love the way my hair feels after a wash these days I have seen a huge difference ever since i started pre pooing religiously before every wash, my hair is softer and doesn't tangle as much as it did before. 

Here is the after photo sorry don't have a back shot my resident photographers were away so i had to take a side shot while it was still fresh but you can see the difference in the ends looking much better. It's funny how dark my hair looks in most indoor photos because it has a brown tint which is more visible in sunlight or real bright lighting. I am kinda loving this cute bob I am rocking thanks to the trim (the hair shaped itself into a bob) the cons are that there is only so much I can do with my hair out at this length in terms of style versatility without adding any extensions:(

November 2012 after self trimming

I am used to being weave checked by now when I am wearing my usual shoulder length hair down especially after it has just been rollerset and styled I once got weave checked while wearing a braid out! I got accustomed to fingers being run through my SL hair looking for tracks so imagine my surprise when I got weave checked in my short bob! That was unexpected but looking at it closely I must admit it kinda looks like a short bob weave. Bobbing it while it lasts!

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