Thursday, 28 March 2013

Air drying made easy

Just over a year ago I was living and working in a very hot and humid country for a while,
The answer to "what country?" is  written on the billboard:) Click on the photo to enlarge if not clear
I forgot to bring my blow dryer and was not willing to pay almost three times the price for a new one when I had one at home.
My faithful blow dryer; gift from a friend that I have had going 8 years now
So I ended up air drying my hair using a standalone fan by chance. I washed my hair on taking down whatever protective style I had and would let it dry while sitting next to the fan watching a movie or something. 

My apologies for this grainy image,  people had to be cropped out and the fan zoomed in from one of my old colleague's photos.
I ended up protective styling with extensions 90% the entire time I was there not because I was trying to grow my hair but because it was convenient. I had them in for 3-4 weeks at a time and washed twice or thrice in between. The first week I was there I washed almost every two days because I was sweating like crazy but once I got accustomed to the weather I reduced the washing. With protective styles I would use the fan or just let it air dry depending on the time of day. I liked to wash braids in the morning so the sun would dry them on my way to work.

My hair thrived! Not only did I retain a lot of length but it was also much thicker than I was used to. Back then I was not on any hair journey, had not started reading any hair blogs religiously, I was only air drying this way because I had no choice. Sadly as soon as I got back home the blow dryer that I had missed terribly was put to good use, too much good use and too much direct heat resulted in breakage:(

Moral of the story: you can cut your air drying time by half using a stand alone or desk top fan to dry your hair:)

Happy Easter people! 


  1. Funny how the simplest things seem to be the best for our hair!

    1. So true keep it simple. Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. I remember walking around with wet braids (almost daily) when i was down at the coast way back. That fan will be my bestie next time.

  3. Guess what equipment I just added to my list of hair equipments?!! It is a "staple" for me now...hahhahha!!

    1. Lol that's easy, a fan!!! Hahaha thank you for inspiring me to blog about this:)


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