Saturday, 4 May 2013

The African Hair Collection

No I have not started a hair line unfortunately:) These are just a few photos showcasing African ladies from different countries with long hair some have always had long hair all their life some got there through hair journeys. I grew up with the knowledge that black women can have long hair (APL and beyond) but I also grew up with the knowledge that only certain black women had this kind of length due to their genes perhaps, because for every APL and beyond hair I saw around me there were 10 others with barely grazing shoulder length and below hair. Ok enough talk let the photos speak for themselves.

To start us off here is my good friend from high school Lucresia. She is from Tanzania and this is how I have always known her hair to be, long big and bushy. She is also the one I spoke about who uses Vaseline on her hair in the comment section of this post. Her hair is natural.
Love how bushy her hair looks here!

Left: all "Vaselined" up and right photo all straightened up

Joanne is from Kenya and got to this length thanks to a hair journey. Her length was actually much longer she recently chopped off a few inches off her ends. She blogs with her sister Eva over at Do check out their blog. Her hair is texlaxed.
Photo Credit: Joanne of Hair air dried
Photo credit: Joanne. Hair straightened
I stumbled upon Bassey Akan and her gorgeous locks on the internet can’t remember how though and immediately rushed over to her blog to read more about her hair. She got to this length thanks to a hair journey. She is Nigerian, her hair is relaxed and she blogs over at please check her out for more photos.
Photo Credit: Bassey Akan of

Fridah is my bestie Joy from high school’s older sister and my friend too by extension of course. As teenagers we were always in awe of her hair and I still admire it to this day. She is natural and has always been. She is Kenyan.
Look at that shine!
Last but not least is my very good friend Sagal from university. Now this is one girl whose hair I always admired all through Uni and still do. Her hair is HUGE! I have never known anyone to love their hair like Sagalina does she calls it her trademark and it is indeed. She is from Somalia and her hair has always been natural. While most of the ladies from her country and the Horn of Africa have this texture of hair there are also those with the kinky type and also a mixture of kinky and silky don’t quite know how to describe it.
She wears her hair in its natural curls most of the times but occasionally straightens it

The different hairstyles of Miss Sagal
APL: Armpit Length


  1. woow, thanks for this collection!
    i'm originally from togo (african westcoast) and beeing on this journey i often hear my family saying that black women from africa couldnt grow their hair long. *rolleyes* i will show them this blogpost to prove them that they are wrong

    1. Wilkommen Bebe! Du kommst aus Togo? Nice! Sprechen sie Franzosisch? Tut mit lied ich habe ein "English keyboard" es gibt keine umlaut:)Und meine Deutsch is nicht so gut been years since I spoke or wrote semi fluently but when I go to German speaking countries I can get by ok on my own. Please do share this post with your family!

    2. haha lydz, ich hab alles verstanden auch ohne die umlaute ;) du kannst richtig gut deutsch !
      meine eltern sprechen französisch, ich kann es nicht, weil ich nur 5 jahre in togo gelebt habe.
      dafür kann ich aber die hrimatsprache von togo,die heißt Ewe sehr fließend sprechen.

  2. What an inspirational post. Such beautiful heads of hair! Thanks for posting Lydz!

  3. They all have such beautiful hair achieved by figuring out what works best for them {even just plain ole vaseline :) }. Great post and thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I loved having a look through all there blogs!

  5. Hey Lydz, thanks for featuring me, i am very honored :)

    1. You are most welcome my dear and thank you for letting me use your photos for this post.


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