Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year New Hair!

Happy New Year ladies!
And happy new hair to me!

I seem to have started a New Year tradition an accidental one albeit; I started the year 2013 with tree braids in January and here I am again with tree braids in January 2014!
I had the braider do pick and drop braids around my nape area, just two rows so it looks neat when tied up. These curls are so huge when let down hoping they will shrink with time I plan to keep them for 4-6 weeks depending on how well they hold up. (click on the image to enlarge)
I don’t make new year’s resolutions simply because I have realised that as I have grown older if I make the decision to change something in my life or elsewhere I do it immediately.  In the past I would always wait for the first of the month, the beginning of a new week, a new day or a new year to make a change not anymore those days are long gone. Looking back on the year gone by I have had hits and I have had misses and I’m hopeful that this year I will turn my misses into hits and reclaim lost opportunities. Yes you can reclaim lost opportunities depending on what they were and the circumstances surrounding them I know they say that opportunity comes but once but guess what in life we are given second chances to reclaim those lost opportunities and make them happen. Please don’t go reclaiming a now married ex boo I beg that is one opportunity that is gone LOL! Where there is life there is hope so as long as you are breathing you can turn your negatives into positives and impossible into possibles.

My new year’s wish for blogsville is:
·         That WordPress will stop sending me confirmation emails when I click on the “subscribe to comments” button after making a comment. Isn't clicking the subscribe button enough confirmation that I wish to receive follow up comments?
·         That Blogger will make word verification less complicated and more legible. Lord knows how many comments I have discarded after getting the verification wrong several times.
·         That I will get email notifications for blogs that I follow by email as soon as new posts are published not a day or two later. Like seriously how hard is that to do Blogger/WordPress?

Tree Braid Tutorial
If the video is no longer available by the time you read this just type "tree braid tutorial" on the YouTube search bar to see other tutorials.

Once again happy new year ladies choose life choose happiness here’s to an amazing year! May this year bring with it plenty of blessings, lots of love and God’s favour in your lives!


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    1. Thank you darling and a happy new year to you too!

  2. Happy New Year Lydz!

  3. Happy new year and you had me laughing at the new years wish for blogsville its ridiculous the long numbers they give us :) sometimes i give up commenting lol x

    1. Lol they are so ridiculous! Hope you are having a great 2014:)


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