Sunday, 26 January 2014

Quick Hair Update!

I took down my tree braids at week four and let my hair rest for a day before getting another protective style installation. Normally I would wait 3 days to a week or more in between installations but only did a day this time due in part to recent changes in my professional life. I have a hectic schedule at the moment with a bit of travelling slotted in and the idea of going all over the place while wearing my hair out would be doing more harm than good to it due to time constraints so this was a perfect compromise for me given my current professional situation.

I also caved in and got a trim!!! Yes I finally allowed someone I could trust with scissors on my hair and let her cut off an inch so I am still at shoulder length which is okay given that I got healthier ends in the process. Now that I have mastered the health part of hair care it’s time to concentrate on the length part. I actually tried out the inversion method in tree braids I didn’t do a length check on take down so I can’t tell if there was an increase in length or not but will try to do it a few more times if I remember to. I forgot to do my onion treatment for two wash days now:( hope I will remember to keep up with that for the next wash days. Ok ladies that’s it for now sorry no hair photos had a lot of other things going on between take down, trim and all that, taking photos was the last thing on my mind and if I don't publish this post today it may never get published:)


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    1. Thanks Divachyk! Sorry no hair pics of the trim as my hair was already braided up at the time of publishing this post. I had a very unpredictable day one of those days when things don't go quite as planned and totally forgot to take the photos before my braid installation:(

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    1. Don't have any pics of the trim I am afraid see my reply to Divachyk above hun:)


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