Saturday, 1 February 2014

Let's Talk Scarves...

Do you use a 
Silk scarf?
 Or a
Bandana or any other cotton scarf?

Or both?

I use both. Yes I use both a cotton scarf and a silk scarf. To be honest I only just started using silk scarves several months into my hair journey. I have a love hate relationship with scarves because they slip off at night and I always find them on the pillow in the morning silk scarves are the worst. So I started using bobby pins on both sides of my head to make them last the whole night but they tend to be uncomfortable to sleep in. I use the bandana scarf when wearing extensions I find it holds better than a silk scarf and my hair is covered in synthetic hair anyway so I don’t find anything wrong with using my cotton scarf when wearing extensions. Funny thing is I only ever wear a scarf when wearing extensions for the first two weeks religiously then semi abandon it for some days unless the extensions are the type that get in your face even when tied up then I will most definitely wear a scarf throughout my protective style run because I don’t like hair all over my face. The silk scarf however I use when I have my hair out of extensions. Why not get silk pillow cases I hear you ask? It’s on my to get list I just haven’t gotten round to doing it yet.  I prefer setting my hair/gel when bunning using a silk scarf though it leaves my hair feeling so silky!

Do you wear a scarf at night or are you a silk pillow case girl? If so which type of scarf cotton, silk or other?


  1. I do both a silk pillowcase and a silk scarf. I'm usually good about wearing my scarf, but if I forget or it slips off during the night, I've got my pillowcase backup!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Wow KLP you have got all bases covered! That is a great idea chica will try to incorporate it as soon as I get some silk pillowcases.

  2. Hi Lydz, i use a silk scarf. You should try the large ones, those stay put. I asked to "my" tailor to make me a silk pillowcase since the ones i found being sold come in a set; with sheets/duvet.

    1. Hey Joyce I actually have a very large silk scarf it could make two scarves if cut into two but is still manages to slip off:( I had been thinking about getting some custom made silk pillowcases as well I guess Its' time to put my thoughts into action:)


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