Saturday, 15 February 2014

Sexy Hair!

I am busy doing my blog rounds and come upon this post by Berry Dakara on how to protect your natural hair during sex! Thanks for the blog post inspiration Berry! A subject that quite honestly I had never seen tackled by any blogger yet until now maybe perhaps because I wasn’t looking I didn’t see any posts:) So I went Googling and came up with these two blog posts which are tailored more towards the natural girls.

Click on the links below to read them;

This is something that quite frankly has never crossed my mind. I spoke to some friends on the topic and their major concern was their hair being pulled so my remedy for that was unless you were caught by surprise tie your hair up before doing the do to minimize breakage.  After care in my opinion if you have the time would be the same thing you would do after a sweaty workout you were working out after all weren’t you hahaha.  But honestly just like exercise I don’t think one should let their hair get in the way of having a healthy love life and intimate relationship. Can you imagine if your husband/boo etc goes like sorry hun not tonight just got back from the barbershop? Think along those lines.

If you are brave enough and feel that this is not too much information do share with us any “during and after sex hair care tips”.


  1. Lol! this is such an amazing post! hahahah! the reason I quit weave was because if this, 'running fingers through the hair' does not work!
    Then also having to roll around cotton sheets with my unprotected hair is also a no, no. unless I am caught unaware, I like have a cute silk scarf on my head, have it in a pretty bow so that we can roll and my hair will not be pulled or tagged on. Yes it is exercise but not one day while jogging have I had to tag and pull at my hair and brush it against moisture stealing sheets! heheh!

    If I don't wrap my hair, I would rather have it pinned up so that my end are protected, only on relaxer day when fingers don't get caught in the SSK would I ever want tagging and pulling to be done! but hey, if it happens it happens and am sure the set back would not be too much!

    But seriously, I know a scarf on the hair is not the cutest, you just have to choose your battles, and the other half needs to know you are in the hair journey together, long hair is a good thing for both of us!

    1. Thank you Anon! I love your last statement "the other half needs to know you are in the hair journey together, long hair is a good thing for both of us!" Couldn't have said it better myself and if all else fails you can always invest in silk bedding:) I have a close male friend who hates weaves for the specific reason you mentioned "running fingers through the hair does not work" he says it feels like someone has multiple speed bumps/humps on their scalp hahahaha

  2. What an interesting topic. One I haven't given much attention! Hmmm

  3. And the links are great! Thank you!!


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