Saturday, 22 February 2014

Hair Update: Thinning peak?

So what’s been going on with the hair? Well I took down my last protective style two weeks in because I noticed that the hair on what would be my widows peak was thinning; I don’t exactly have a peak nor do I have a proper straight hairline I am somewhere in between but you get my drift. Every other part of my hair line was ok, perfectly ok apart from this tiny section so I racked my brain trying to figure out what could have gone wrong when it hit me! Been wearing the same braiding style from late November! I have had my hair braided in different variations of corn rowed styles (Ghanaian braids, tree braids etc) since then with breaks in between of course some long some quite short.  The problem came as a result of having three different installations in a 10 -12 week period with the cornrows facing the same direction – all back.  .
I had these installed late November and I have had another set done since then in addition to Tree braids in January.
While my edges were perfectly fine thank goodness I trained by braider on the need to loosen her grip, it seems the tension of braiding  from the same point three different times in a span of 10 – 12 weeks give or take was too much for my “widows peak” so the hair at that point started to thin. It’s a similar situation to how it is recommended not to bun or have a ponytail at the same spot all the time because the hair at that point may start thinning or breaking due to the tension on it. To be honest it is not really noticeable I would have to point it out to most people but I know my hair and I knew something was off with that spot.

So of course the cornrows had to come down so I could give the spot some TLC, I have had my hair out for two weeks now going into my third week and plan to have it out for another two/three weeks before I get another installation done something totally different laying off the front to back corn rowed styles for now.  I might even get a sew in and have that section out as leave out hair who knows! Reason; I retain length better in protective styles plus I sniff some more travel on the way and the less I have to do with my hair while away from home the better for me. Been alternating between store bought and homemade deep conditioners on my wash days; tomorrows wash day is a banana, honey, olive oil, glycerine and avocado oil mix can’t wait:)
Tomorrow's wash day major ingredient!
Oh the funniest thing happened last week I bumped into my Aunt shopping one evening while wearing a braid out and after the greetings she goes “did you just take down your braids?” I was like no Aunty this is a style we call it a braid out lol! The look on her face was priceless hahaha she is one of those prim and proper ladylike Aunties and I knew a lecture on how not to go out with my hair “unkempt” would have followed so I quickly had to explain this new generation style to her.

That’s all for now ladies till next time have a lovely weekend:)


  1. The auntie story was cute. Those braids are lovely. I'm glad you trained your braider. I'd love to have's been years since I had them. My hair tangled too badly upon removal and I haven't tried them since.
    Divachyk @Relaxed Thairapy

    1. Thanks my Aunt is too funny! I had to train my braiders I only use two at the moment one for single braids and one for cornrows and I gave them some lessons on the need to loosen their grips edges and all thank God they listened. You can try really chunky box braids for a start and take it from there...


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