Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A sew in wash day!

Hey ladies hope you all had a good Christmas I sure did; I was the solo chef for 12 making 9 different dishes (I love to cook) I did most of the prep work the night before so it was manageable since all would be assistant chefs could only make it from 12noon Christmas day but it was all good because after cooking I got the rest of Christmas day off they did the rest; desserts, laying the table, serving and washing up they even mopped up the kitchen and cleaned the stove/cooker! Christmas over I finally got round to washing my synthetic sew in at 3 weeks post installation. I was meant to wash it on Christmas week which would have made it two weeks post but Christmas shopping and other activities got in the way.
leave out separated from weave
I separated my real hair (leave out) and held it away from the extension hair with a hair clip to avoid it getting tangled with the weave when washing. I brushed the weave to remove any tangles prior to washing and also combed my leave out.  I usually dilute shampoo with water in a spray bottle or applicator bottle depending on what protective style I have on my head to aid in the washing but realized too late when I was already in the shower with water dripping down my face that I had left my spray bottle in my room and I couldn’t be bothered to go out and get it. My tracks were braided front to back and the weave sown across it so getting to my scalp is not the easiest task but I managed to get as much shampoo as I could to create a good lather on the tracks and scalp using my fingers, massaged that in very well, added some shampoo to the length of the weave and rinsed. I did this twice and then when I was sure my scalp and weave were clean I proceeded to wash my leave out the same way and then rinsed the entire head once more with the leave out still separated by a clip from the weave. I don’t tamper much with my extension hair when washing in terms of handling I just let the water do the rinsing and finger detangle where necessary.
fresh out of the shower; this is how the hair looks like wet
Hair rinsed I wrung the excess water out and held it all up in a clip then towel dried turban style as I dressed to go down to my friend’s salon round the corner from my house to roller set. I don’t have a hooded dryer at home and I needed to get my tracks dry in the shortest (and less labour intensive) time possible so I decided to roller set instead of blow drying. Even though this weave is synthetic it can be roller set and blow dried as well. When I was ready to go and my hair damp I applied a bit of coconut oil to the leave out tied it all up once again and off I went. I carried a styling mousse and my DIY leave in moisturizer concoction (moisturizer, castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil,, glycerine, distilled water and a bit of white vinegar) I had the stylist spray that on my leave out, tracks and scalp and then she applied the styling mousse to the weave and proceeded to rollerset using huge mesh rollers. I sat under the hooded dryer for just a little over an hour. She started off with moderate heat but my nape was taking forever to dry so I asked her to increase the heat which helped it dry much quicker. We unraveled the rollers she sprayed my hair with oil sheen spray and styled it, she applied an oil or serum as well to the weave I can’t remember which it was I was too busy reading a magazine. I must admit the roller set came out very well it actually looks better than at installation. My leave out flat iron from installation three weeks ago lasted very well and I didn’t need to flat iron again prior to this wash day and because the entire hair including leave out was roller set there was no need to flat iron the leave out this time round.
Roller set done! I think it looks better than it did at installation see photos here
Thoughts on maintaining my sew in so far…
·         My scalp and real hair were more dehydrated than dirty because I have not quite kept up with spray moisturizing it, now you can see why I prefer long term protective styles where my scalp can breathe easy and is accessible with no fuss.  
·         Other than on wash days for me a store bought braid spray or moisturizer is better than a homemade concoction while wearing a sew in weave.  The nozzle of my spray bottle produces more product than I like so my tracks get wet and stay wet longer while store bought spray moisturizer or braid spray nozzle’s produces just enough product to moisturize and not leave my tracks staying wet if that makes any sense.
·         This hair hardly tangles so styling is a breeze but it sheds a little.


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The Wash Day Experience


  1. It's amazing that your leave out stayed straight for 3 weeks! How did you maintain it?

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Nothing really I just moisturised it regularly and always brushed it into the weave to blend. I was surprised myself that it lasted this long I was prepared to be doing weekly flat irons on the leave out so it lasting this long was a heat free blessing to my hair!

    2. I think the fact that the leave out was freshly touched up and I made sure my shower cap fully covered it when showering also helped a lot

  2. Your hair looks amazing, Lydz. She did a great job on the rollerset.

    1. Thanks Andrea! She sure did a great job!

  3. kudos to you for throwing down a 9 dish feast. I glad your assistants did the rest. Your weave is great for a synthetic one. It doesn't even tangle!
    Happy New Year Lydz

    1. Thanks Bee! Yes the weave has a great texture I love it!

  4. You take such good care of your weave! I have a weave myself, but very tangly actual hair. So I put the coconut oil in my hair and then run my fingers through (It helps detangle alot for me and conditions my weave). But I never even thought of using a roller set when in a rush to dry! I just run out the door with my damp hair, but as you can imagine it doesn't look great.
    P.S.I totally respect you for being able to cook for 12 people, I don't think many people can do that!

    Renee May @ Virgin Hair Fixx

    1. Thanks Renee! And thank you for stopping by now you know you can do a rollerset next time:)


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