Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Happy New Hair Year!!!

Happy new year everyone!!! I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and ready for what 2016 has in store. One of the things I am hoping to do this year as regards my hair journey is to buy only what I need at the time when it comes to products aka be frugal a product minimalist. I am no product junkie but in the past I have found myself buying more products thanks to a review or an advert when I have three bottles of the same product from other brands sitting at home unused. So hopefully I will keep to buying just what I need at the time and not what is “hot” at the moment. I think two different brands of each item with the exception of natural oils are perfectly okay for me at a time; two different shampoos, two different conditioners and so on and so forth. I also hope to protective style more this year; I have worn my hair out since sometime in September last year and that is a pretty long time in my books.

I managed to squeeze in a salon wash and steam courtesy of my cousin over the Christmas break and my hair was grateful for it; lord knows I cannot recall the last time I had my hair professionally steamed or massaged for that matter – salon head massages are simply the best. I also hope to attend more hair related events online and physically where and whenever I can. Well that’s it for now in terms of my hair journey for 2016 we shall add and subtract hair related stuff as we go along. Here’s to a wonderful year!!! I wish you peace, God’s grace and favour in the coming months. Stay blessed xoxo.


  1. Happy new year! And I hope you have a successful hair journey year! If I hear of any hair events I will let you know...join Tricia's naturals on Facebook, that's where I see most of them...

    1. Will do thank you!I need your email address couldn't find any on your blog...you can shoot me an email on mine and I will reply crowningmyglory@gmail.com


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