Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Something new - It’s a Family Affair!

My something new is my new Organics shampoo from the same brand that makes my favourite Organics Conditioner.
Keeping it in the family - brand wise:) The shampoo is okay a bit too thick and creamy for my liking but it does a good job. Would I repurchase it? Yes I would.
This was my first official wash day of the year. I had planned to pre poo with an oil mix but somehow did not get round to doing that, so I just ended up directly shampooing twice instead. It was a quick in shower wash I had no time to deep condition but let the regular conditioner sit on my hair for about three minutes give or take before rinsing. I slightly detangled with conditioner in shower using a wide toothed comb and then rinsed out the conditioner. I t-shirt dried turban style as usual for about an hour then applied my leave in conditioner and left the oils for the next morning. I did one big jumbo braid and that was it for the night. The next morning I oiled my scalp with my castor/amla oil mix, applied some more leave in conditioner which I tend to use as a moisturizer these days and then sealed with a little coconut oil and then tied my hair into a bun.

Random question who do you ladies prefer male or female hairdressers and why? I have no preference to be honest since I have had the best and worst of both; as long as they do a good job on my hair I am good.
The Wash Day Experience


  1. Sometimes there's just no time for deep conditioning.
    For your question, I actually don't want any hair dresser doing my hair. LOL! Okay okay, but if I could choose from a pool of actually good hair dressers(LOL) I would say I don't have a preference as long as they take care of my hair. I 've had both male and female stylists before. It doesn't matter to me at all. :) Wow I can't even remember the last time I let someone else do touch my hair. Been a while!

    1. I'm with Andrea. I really can't remember the last time that I went to the salon. With the way that my schedule is set up and how much of a DIY queen I am---going to the salon is more hassle than it is helpful.

      And believe it or not, I've never had a male stylist before!

      Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

      KLP @

    2. Lol I hear you ladies:)

  2. Well i've never had a guy do my hair so i can't say if my preference for women counts or not. I'm considering the organics shampoo as im almost out of clarifying shampoo. I think i'll try it!

    1. Please try it Bree and let us know how you did or did not like it.


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