Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Taking Stock Four!

Making: room for my new furniture  
Cooking fried dumplings
Sewing Crocheting: more infinity scarves very grateful for the orders coming my way
Drinking: water
Reading:  Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” for the second time
Wanting: new pairs of jeans and some casual tops (update: an aunt gifted me two new tops she got me during her Christmas vacation the next morning after I wrote this post how amazing is that and she has no clue that I have a blog so no way would she have seen this post)
Looking: forward to meeting some lovely ladies this week
Playing Listening: to Bruno Mars 24k Magic…can’t get enough of this song
Wasting: nothing
Wishing: I had woken up a little earlier, I need to be somewhere later today and I doubt if I will make it
Enjoying: the weather just because I am indoors
Waiting: for my hair to deep condition so I can rinse it out
Liking: the new me…I am really thinking out of the box more and going out of my comfort zone these days
Wondering: what’s for dinner later
Loving: the way my face feels after my steam and scrub session
Hoping: for some amazing contracts this month
Marvelling: at the law of attraction…it really works
Needing: to get up and do those dishes in the sink
Smelling: the deep conditioner in my hair…Dark&Lovely Amla Legend Replenishing Hair Mask
Wearing: a top and capri joggers
Following: some leads on potential great opportunities
Noticing: that my curtain is half open
Knowing: God got me no matter what
Thinking: of my schedule for the week
Feeling: content…that is a good place to be
Bookmarking: nothing at the moment
Opening: this vlog I was watching earlier
Giggling:  more like smiling at how things are working out in my favour…I am truly grateful

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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