Thursday, 26 January 2017

Thoughtful Thursday: Productivity And Some Random thoughts!

At the beginning of this year I told myself that every day of 2017 will be productive for me whether it is physical, financial or psychological productivity. It was not a big declaration or anything like that it was just something that I kept saying to myself over and over again. I have managed to keep up with this so far and will keep doing so; at the end of every day just before I go to bed I go through a mental check list of all the productivity that I have achieved for the day. It can be something as small as doing that pile of laundry that has been sitting around for a while to writing a winning proposal or having a total mind shift about something in a positive manner or simply just clearing my head space of all negative stuff.
2016 may not have been the best year for me but I am glad it happened I wouldn’t change it for anything. 2016 was a year of revelations for me people revealed to me who they were and exposed themselves for who they really are. Some people I kind of knew already the type of people they were some I suspected some caught me by surprise seeing as I have always been one of those give the benefit of a doubt type of people. Let’s just say that 2016 proved to me that some people will not be continuing in this journey of life with me they will be left behind and I make no apologies for that. It also showed me that you can care about people you can love them but it is ok to do it from a distance you do not necessarily have to be around those people. If they need your help and you are in a position to help step in and help them out but keep your distance for your own emotional well being. For anyone reading this and myself let this be the year that you let no one hold you back if someone or something is not adding any value to your life then do away with them or it. Listen to people as they speak, watch their actions and if they show you who they are believe them. This is no time to be hanging around unproductive people, let no one drag you down with them. Surround yourself with like minded people.

A group of ladies in my inner circle showed me who they really were in 2016 these are ride or die friends’ women that have got my back no matter what. They really came through for me in what would have been a really difficult year otherwise and I can never thank them nor repay them enough. It is my prayer that God will continue blessing them and use others to bless them as they have been a blessing to me. I am truly grateful for these amazing women in my life. I really am.

2017 started on a good note a very good note the first week was filled with all sorts of blessings that came in all shapes and sizes and some from the unlikeliest of people and I believe it will stay that way. So here is to a productive and progressive year. Stay blessed!

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