Monday, 13 February 2017

Concoction Wash Day!

I cannot remember the last time I deep conditioned with a homemade food based concoction it must be over a year at least! There was a time I would use homemade DCs at least once a month. So last wash day I had a really really overripe avocado that I decided to mix with other ingredients and use as a deep conditioner; so it was one medium sized overripe avocado, about a tablespoon of pure honey, a teaspoon of white vinegar (mainly to stop the avocado from discolouring since I made the mixture about an hour before I was due to use it) and also for the benefits of vinegar to hair, I added about a tablespoon of whole milk just because I had just made my breakfast cereal and the milk carton was still on the counter.
File Photo: not exactly the avocado I used but you get the picture:)

My hair absolutely loved this concoction I cannot even begin to describe how soft it was I was even able to detangle without conditioner in shower on rinsing that was how soft it made my hair. I think I will add some coconut cream next time as well. I let it sit for about 45 minutes covered with cling film/wrap first then a headscarf to generate some heat before rinsing out. Oh and I used some of the deep conditioner as a face mask – two birds, one stone:)
All the fibres  get blown away on blow drying with cool air
The only downside to food based homemade deep conditioners especially fruits is the fibres left behind in the hair after rinsing. But thankfully they fly away on blow drying with cool air so it is not too bad. The benefits for me far outweigh the fibres left behind. Rinsing done I t-shirt dried turban style until damp and then applied my leave in conditioner made two jumbo braids and left all other product use for the next day since it was already late. Well all other product use (scalp oiling etc) ended being done a day later seeing as I never left the house the next day and I could not be bothered to touch my hair.

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