Thursday, 9 February 2017

Thoughtful Thursday: Random Acts of Kindness

Don’t you just love it when a total stranger compliments you out of the blue or someone does something nice for you unexpectedly? I know I do it totally makes my day when that happens. If so how about paying it forward and performing random acts of kindness as well.  Spread the love. Here are few ideas that you can perform as a random act of kindness this month and any other month for no reason at all simply because you can and want to.  It can be for anyone and I mean anyone, friends, family, colleagues or complete strangers, anyone.
·         Buy someone a meal or cook them a meal
·         Pay for the next persons groceries while you are at the check out
·         Give a total stranger a compliment
·         Mow your neighbour’s lawn
·         Pay someone’s bus/train/cab fare
·         Offer to babysit for a friend/family
·         Volunteer at your local shelter, children’s home, nursing home etc
·      Buy gift vouchers from any store(s) of your choice and hand them out to complete strangers – my top suggestion would be grocery shopping vouchers and/or bookstore vouchers
·         Do household chores for an elderly or ailing neighbour/family/friend
·         Someone in your household left their room untidy? Clean it up for them just because
·         Help a stranger carry their heavy luggage up or down a flight of stairs with their permission of course
·         Leave positive sticky  notes for your colleagues at work or school etc
·         If you are able to and in a financial position to do so help out someone struggling financially, you can pay off a debt, a bill, pay their rent for a month or two any little bit helps to help someone get back on their feet.
·         Purchase school supplies for kids who need them
·         Speak kindness and positivity to others

Please feel free to add to this list in the comment section.

We rise by lifting others…It is more blessed to give than to receive…

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