Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Birthday Length!!!

The fear of heat damage is the beginning of wisdom
Heat damage was what led me to start a healthy hair journey
So as healthy as my strands are at the moment I wasn’t going to take any chances
Did a henna treatment for strength two days earlier and then a mild protein treatment on the day and then got my hair straightened using a flat iron
I will probably only be doing this kind of direct heat once a month for now and only when necessary
The fear of heat damage is the beginning of wisdom.

Anyway here are the results below.......
September 23rd;  longest point grazing the number 2 line. I don't think I need a trim yet as I am still transitioning to fully texlaxed so my bone straight ends will always appear thinner plus I hardly wear my hair down and straight when it's out of extensions. I intend to trim them at some point in the future not anytime soon though. #Teamnosplitendsequalsnotrim:)

This next collage is where I had a dilemma even though I have gained length it is almost impossible to see it because the two photos were taken from different distances; On the April length check photo my shoulders are lower than in my September photo making it seem like I haven't retained any length at all; none of the photos we took gave accurate comparisons so I will discard the April photo from my Hair story page at the top and use the September one instead now that I have a length check tee it will be much easier to track the lengths.

Comparison fail....................
April                             September

While at University we had to submit our council tax exemption forms to our local council, my housemate at the time offered to personally take them to the council offices down the road and on looking at mine she screams "you have my birthday!" and that was how we found out that we shared the same birthday down to the year:) I know a few other people that I share a birthday with however she is the only person I currently know of that I share both the date and year with.

Happy birthday to me! Getting older but wiser and totally embracing it!


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