Friday, 6 September 2013

Let's talk: Mixed Race Hair

I have mixed race nieces Arab and Black, Indian and Black and mixed race cousins White and Black in addition to my multi racial friends. I never saw and still don’t see their hair as any kind of special maybe it’s because of the environment I grew up in where all hair types were represented among my schoolmates, neighbours and friends. I never envied their hair type it was more the length. My comments would be something like I wish my hair was as long as yours never I wish my hair had your texture. The texture never bothered me it was the length I admired something which I envied on the other fully black girls who had Armpit length and beyond hair as well. So I find it strange when I hear stories of black women who actively seek out men from other races to procreate with in order to have babies with “good hair” or comments people make when they see mixed race babies. I have heard someone refer to one of my niece’s hair “at least she has good hair”. It really  bothers me when people say things like that all hair is good hair we are all beautifully and wonderfully created and are unique in our own way .

Meanwhile I touched up on Wednesday haven’t got round to taking good comparison photos yet all the shots I have are either too close or too far to make a good comparison with my April touch up photos. Will post the relaxer update once I have some decent photos I should have made a length check shirt at the beginning of my hair journey life would have been so much easier but I am going to try and make one over the weekend and use that for my length checks from now on.

So what do you think about the “good hair” statements in reference to mixed race babies? If you are mixed race have you heard such statements before from the black side of your family or from black friends?

Please visit Chantelle’s blog for some great information on mixed race hair and other hair related tips.


  1. I think that there is really nothing like bad hair.
    every type of hair has his own beauty.

    but I personally can not bash someone who prefers loose curls over kinks because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    is more important to love yourself and your type of hair.

    as far as for those women who wants mixed babies because if the skintone and curlier hair textures, I personally think that it's sad that those women project their whishes (light skin and hairtype) on their future children and don't take the changes to accept whatever those future children would look like, like how god will create them.

    I hope my english was not too bad. it was hard to find the right words

    1. I hear you Bebe it is definitely more important to love yourself and your hair type. It just bothers me when people make the "good hair" statement in reference to mixed race kids I have a mixed race friend (black and white) whose hair is kinkier than mine and never grows past shoulder length. I have personally heard black women who says that they would like to marry another race just so that their kids have "good hair" which is a very sad statement to make. Es gibt keine problem deine Englisch ist gut! And I love practicing my Deutsch on you:)

  2. I, like you grew up in an environment where hair type was never an issue, I think I have every hair type in my family lol. It is in my adult life that I have heard women make those comments which is very sad indeed.

  3. It is quite sad indeed and more so when they make those comments within earshot of little girls who may grow up believing their hair is not "good" enough or think that their hair is better than everyone else due to such comments.


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