Sunday, 8 September 2013

Tutorial: Length Check Top

I finally got round to making a length check top. It was relatively easy to make and took less than 15 minutes. To make my length check top I used:
An old plain vest top/tank top  
Marker pens/Felt pens – to draw the length check lines and numbers on the vest
Ruler – to measure the inches between the length checks (my ruler is the short 6 inch type)
Newspaper - to prevent the ink from the pens going onto the chopping board
Chopping board - because I needed a hard surface to help with drawing the lines on the vest
Document wallet - because I did not have a long ruler at home so this was a good alternative

Step 1: Gather all the materials needed on a flat surface (I used my bed)

Step 2: Using a marker pen and ruler I made dots from the neck downwards to mark two inch spaces between the lengths these dots also acted as a guideline when drawing the lines across.

Step 3: Wrapped the newspaper around the chopping board and slid it under the vest top. This would act as the hard surface; makes it much easier to draw on the top this way.
The newspaper was to help stop the ink from going through to the chopping board but I still got about 3 ink dots on the chopping board which was not too bad

Step 4: I then drew a line using a marker and the dots as a guideline across the width of the vest to mark each length using the plastic document holder as my long ruler and also numbered the lines in inches.
Drawing on fabric is not easy takes a lot of patience

And here is the finished product!!!

Stopped somewhere close to mid back length


  1. Great tutorial, Lydz. I never even attempted to make my own length check tee. I just knew I would mess it up somehow. Your tee turned out great!

  2. Thanks Andrea! This was actually my second attempt the first was a disaster!

  3. Oh right! good job and doesnt look complicated att all. Please what is the interval between the lines?

  4. Nice! :) I finally made mine a few months ago but have yet to use it.

    1. Thanks Candice! I had been procrastinating on making one for the longest time but I just realised I needed one at my recent touch up the current photos were either too close up or too far off to make a proper comparison with my last length check photos.


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