Saturday, 1 March 2014

Fitness Friday Coming To You On Saturday!!!

How about I went to bed listening to Smokey Robinson and woke up listening to Smokey Robinson I blame it on BET Honours 2014 that brought the man and his music fully back into my life! This is my all time favourite Smokey song…enjoy!

Ok back to topic this is my current fitness regimen. I do Fitness Blender  cardios every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Hip Hop abs every Tuesday and Thursday

Thank God for free fitness videos on YouTube:) I workout at home first thing in the morning Lord knows Gym membership would be wasted on me. The sports center where I swim has a gym that I have never bothered to enter don't even know what it looks like inside. Maybe in the future I will get some motivation to go to the gym but until then it's home workouts for me.

The weekends are usually my rest days the amount of housechores I do on Saturday is enough to burn calories so that is my substitute but when I feel like it and not too tired then maybe I will do some hip hop abs then. Sunday is my absolute rest day no work out on this day. I just love how most hair bloggers are also on a fitness journey totally awesome! I wonder what other journey food bloggers are on lol hmmmmm…..

I have always swum and walked a lot that has been my form of exercise for the longest time though not always consistent and never watched what I ate so my weight fluctuated all the time.  I am also “heavy/big boned” yep true story lol not trying to make excuses here; I was being weighed as part of a routine check up by a new doctor about three years ago when he commented that my weight did not reflect my body size he even weighed me twice just to be sure. In a nutshell I weigh more than I look physically. I started a proper fitness journey sometime last year around September/October after finding out that my BMI was way over the recommended number for my weight. I started small by doing very low impact exercises so that I can get in the habit of exercising daily I was working out six times a week then. Slowly changed my eating habits where before I would eat two cup cakes a day I started eating one and found that I couldn’t be bothered with eating a cup cake at all with time. I cut out the soda not that I was much of a soda person in recent years but I heavily cut it out I can easily go two months and more without drinking soda or any other carbonated/fizzy drinks these days. I still ate but reduced my carb intake to smaller portions and reduced my intake of deep fried foods. I have always eaten fruits, veggies and drank plenty of water so that was not a problem. I wanted my fitness journey to be part of my lifestyle so I chose to take it slowly one day at a time and it is working out fine because it has clearly become a part of my daily routine. My dress size depends on the design, fabric and store so if you are familiar with UK stores and dress sizes while I can wear size 16 Dorothy Perkins clothes the same sizes are a tad too tight at Next so I have to get a size 18 at Next but I can easily fit into size 14 Primark tops just so you get a rough idea.  My ideal goal would be to be a UK size 14/16 all round, I used to be a size 12/14 from my late teens up to my mid twenties and much more skinnier as a child, I am just trying to be healthy and fit not disappear I love my curves:)
My fitness journey at the moment is 50% healthy eating, 30% exercise and 20% eat whatever want I allow myself a “cheat” meal a day which most days I don’t even indulge in. So for example a typical day’s meal would go something like this;
Banana, Mango and Pineapple smoothie
Peanuts for mid morning snack
Lettuce, avocado, boiled egg, caramelized onion, tomato, cucumber sandwich made with whole wheat bread, yoghurt and natural fruit juice
Any nuts I can lay my hands on for mid afternoon snack
Early evening say around 5pm
White coffee and a cup cake (cheat meal)
1/2 cup plain boiled rice, steamed spinach and grilled fish
Fruits for dessert
I drink water throughout the day.

Also when I eat out I try and pick the healthiest options from the menu so instead of chips (French fries) I will go for mashed or roast potatoes for example instead, or go for a vinaigrette as opposed to salad cream for my salad dressing. At the moment 70% of what I eat in any given day unless I am traveling or out on an outing/shopping all day is homemade that way I know exactly what went into it. I love to cook so this helps a lot too so I would rather buy the fish and grill it at home than get a take away.

The biggest indicator that I am doing something right has not been the scale or inches gone but the reaction from people. I have had several positive reactions from people on my weight loss that to me is the motivation I need to keep going and I will keep going until I reach my desired size and maintain it from there. 

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  1. How I wish I could join in ............I do need to incorporate some exercise into my regimen.

  2. I love love love Fitness Blender YouTube videos! My favorite is the Barre Routine. The moves seem small, but it's a serious workout!

    Welcome to the #FitnessFriday Family!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Thank you KLP! And yes Fitness Blender is awesome will check out their Barre Routine!!!

  3. Good luck on your fitness journey! I think the biggest motivation is when you get people commenting.

    I am trying to get my exercise days up to 4 times a week but stuck at 3. Similar to you, I can't do gyms, the thought of getting myself somewhere else to exercise hmm...and paying as well...hmm.

    My biggest failure is sweet stuff, I love anything sweet, ice cream, biscuits, cakes, sweet wine and cider, oh my gosh what I am going to do with myself! :\

    1. Thanks babe! Glad to know I am not the only one who doesn't do gyms lol and yes I agree it is way cheaper to workout at home:) I too have a sweet tooth a very sweet tooth hence the one cheat meal a day which allows me to indulge in my sweet cravings if I need to that way I don't end up going crazy over sweet stuff if I had like say just one cheat day. I think the one cheat meal/snack a day works better for people like us than just having one cheat day a week. I have become so disciplined that while before I would gobble an entire pack of chocolate in one sitting I now eat a pack in a week I even store the bar in the fridge so I only break off a few pieces when I need some. So instead of piling on around 600 calories a day from a whole pack of choccies which is what 100-150 grams of chocolate contains I spread the calories over the entire week.

  4. Hi Lydz! I love reading fitness posts, so thanks for posting this :) Maybe i should join this linkup too. I have really fallen behind on my fitness journey which is why i dare not post on the topic nowadays. Like you, i love swimming though i haven't swam in forever. I also love walking and Shaun T's workouts. Also the fitness blender ones. This topic just got me all excited and motivated to workout! Thanks again :D

    1. You are welcome Joyce! It's never too late to get back on the fitness train so you are more than welcome to join the linkup when you do. I can feel your excitement lol get up and get working out already:)


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