Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Emergency Deep Cowash!

This has got to be my laziest wash day ever!!! Granted it was sort of an emergency wash. So here’s what happened I had been wearing a bun all day got home in the early afternoon wasn’t quite feeling like wearing a bun the next day so I decided to take it down and do some braids for a braid out. I lay down my edges using a little gel and usually a milky leave in conditioner is enough to get rid of the gel residue later. Not this time, I had tried and failed miserably at a high puff bun in the morning so I resorted to what I know best a braided bun aka extension hair bun, problem was I had already gelled my hair for the failed high puff bun and in the process of failing some rubbed off so I had to gel again for the braided bun using way more gel that I would normally use. This resulted in extra hardened perimeter hair so my usual leave in conditioner couldn’t do the job. The only other option was to wash which I was not keen on doing considering I had a proper wash day on Monday night less than 48 hours ago and quite frankly I was not about that detangling life so soon less manipulation equals less breakage; remember I am working with three textures bone straight ends, texlaxed middle and natural roots/new growth.

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Then it hit me if I could wash my hair in braids then I could as well wash it in a bun and that is exactly what I did.  I had already taken down the braided extension hair but my real hair was still bunned in place so I kept it that way and then…

·         Sprayed on some water using a spray bottle
·         Applied my henna deep conditioning treatment wax and left it on for about five minutes
·         Rinsed out the conditioner under a running shower with my head leaning back using my hands in an up-swept motion; the same way you would apply gel or moisturizer to hair that was already in a ponytail or bun if that makes any sense. I did that several times until the water was clear and squeezed out excess water from the bun.
·         T-shirt dried turban style for about ten minutes until damp then applied coconut oil with hair still in a bun.
·         Took down the bun, finger parted and finger combed and then proceed to do my braidout braids using ORS carrot oil and that was it. Quick and easy!
This is how the deep conditioner used as a cowash looked once applied
The entire process took me less than 45 minutes! Would I do this again? Yes but only under similar circumstances. Like I said if you can wash hair in braids then surely you can wash it in a bun as well. That being said if your hair needs a thorough wash, scalp scrub and all this is definitely not the method to use please give your hair its much deserved proper wash.

The Wash Day Experience


  1. Hmm...I've never considered washing my hair in a bun! Brilliant!

    Thanks for sharing your #WashDayExperience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. You know how they say necessity is the mother of invention? I believe this was one of those days:) Thanks for reading KLP!


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