Friday, 8 August 2014

Fitness Friday; Flat Tummy Water!

Have you guys heard about flat tummy water? I hadn’t until a couple of days ago. It is basically infused water only difference is that it is infused with ingredients that aid in weight loss and act as appetite suppressants. I already drink warm lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning well ok on days that I remember to, so I was more than happy to add another cleansing water recipe to my arsenal. Almost all online sources had the exact same measurements but you know me I hardly ever follow a recipe to the letter so I made my own adjustments like three glasses instead of the recommended six; which by the way I think is just to make you get your daily recommended intake of 6-8 glasses of water. This recipe  acts as a great detoxifier as well.  Here goes;

6 glasses filtered/distilled water (I used three)
1 tbs grated ginger (I chopped mine into small bits 1 tsp)
1 cucumber sliced (I had four slices)
1 lemon sliced (I had three slices)
A third cup fresh mint leaves (I used dried 1 teaspoon)
The ingredients; I added an extra slice of lemon later
Let the mixture infuse overnight, sieve and drink. Keep refrigerated. I ate the cucumber slices when my water was finished and reused the ginger for the next day’s water since it was the only ingredient still flavourful. Now a thought just occurred to me remember how I mentioned having a reduction in my waist by drinking green tea in this post? If this flat tummy water truly works just imagine what would happen if one made green tea flat tummy water!!! Genius!!! Imagine the results!!! Stop imagining and get to infusing lol!  Happy flat tummy water drinking ladies and keep us posted on your results if you try it and it works for you. Remember to be consistent in your drinking most sources online recommend at least three times a week but you can have it daily if you wish to.
In some YouTube unrelated news is it just me or are daily vlogs monotonous? Honestly speaking if I was a vlogger I wouldn’t want to bore subscribers with 20plus minutes daily doing the same activities; just got up, having breakfast, off to the gym, spot of shopping, lunch with the girls, watching TV, dinner with the fam/friends, off to bed etc like seriously people? In my unsolicited opinion 2-3 times a week if you must or better yet once a week is more than enough for uploads. This way you can compile all the fun moments you had and not keep uploading the same thing every day. Daily vlogs are best suited for holidays/vacations because then you are in a different location doing different activities everyday with different people emphasis on the word different.   I always look forward to my 2-3 times a month vloggers their vlogs are usually packed with different events/activities/people that are way more entertaining than watching people eat breakfast every day. I had to stop watching some of my favourite used to be occasional turned daily vloggers thanks to the monotony of their uploads. It’s kinda like a hair blogger posting daily moisturizing and sealing posts! Diversity people diversity! My two cents!


  1. Great tip! It's tough drinking water and i hope this helps. I must agree with you about the vlogging. I won't my precious bundle to watch them because i find them so boring especially when it's done daily. I mean like once in a while probably showing different events is ok. But doing a daily vlog????? i can't!

    1. Glad we are on the same page on daily vlogs Annette total waste of bandwith! Happy water drinking if you do try the flat tummy water:)


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