Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Barbershop....

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Since I had a rather uneventful wash day I thought I would share with you ladies a barbershop wash day. The salon where I got my touch up done also has a barbershop within. So while I was in there I couldn’t help but observe the guys over at the barbershop at work. Most of the clients came in for a haircut and left but there were some who came for a haircut and a wash. Oh the salon/barbershop had a sterilizing machine for barbing tools and combs which is a definite plus from me because that tells me they take hygiene very seriously. Anyway the guys who came in for a haircut and wash went through the following steps, the haircut first followed by a wash and head massage. Their hair was washed at the same shampoo stand as the ladies so I am assuming similar products to what the ladies use were used no deep conditioning was involved though there was nothing to deep condition after the haircut anyway hehehe.  I noticed that quite a considerable amount of time was spent massaging the barbershop client heads and I later learnt the massage is the reason most of the guys asked for a wash. Dry head massages are also available post barbing but it seems most of the clients preferred a shampoo stand massage. And guess who they wanted washing and massaging their heads? The female staff lol this was a very interesting observation considering the salon has a fairly even mix of male and female staff. So a male staff would do the barbing and then a female staff the wash and massage and then the male staff handles any finishing touches post washing. I think the salon management had noticed this so it was a given if anyone wanted a wash the female staff would do it. Unlike the lady clients who did not mind who washed their hair. Wash done their heads were patted dry with a towel, some asked for a light blow drying session to dry them off completely while others were ok with the towel pat. I think some products were used in the final touches post barbing and washing but I am not sure what they were. All in all it was a very interesting observation of a barbershop at work. 
The Wash Day Experience


  1. Yay for scalp massages! So invigorating. Those men sound like they're there for the lady lumps but at least they're reaping great benefits. lol


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