Friday, 17 April 2015

Fitness Fridays: update

Long time no update! So here’s a quick update I have managed to keep up with my workouts, I missed some days but for the most part I kept to my schedule. I discovered that on mornings that I wake up feeling tired, my body seems to “wake up” as soon as I start working out and I feel quite energized afterwards and ready to tackle the day ahead. It’s almost as if working out is the morning energizer coffee that I need these days, did I also mention the effect working out has on my brain? There are days when I wake up with what I call a lazy brain and as soon as I am done working out it is filled to the brim with ideas, future projects, solutions etc. I am currently doing Jillian Michaels ripped in 30; I am on week two at the moment. I love how she combines arm workouts, cardio and strength in one workout routine. Week one was pretty easy, week two is looking slightly tougher I dread what week 3 has in store! Still working on that tummy it has gots to go!!! I have been thinking of running a lot lately maybe I should start who knows I may end up doing a 5k marathon or something in a few months.
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Random stuff;
I found out the other day that my sister in law’s mother is 76. I had always thought she was at least 60. I couldn’t believe it I kept telling her I have to see a birth certificate or something to believe her, she looks fifteen years younger than she is. Turns out she has been walking most of her life at least four times a week sometimes even more and also works on her farm. Even now at 76 she still walks and does what she can on her farm the woman looks so good for her age and so strong she could put some 20 year olds to shame with her level of physical activity. Turns out regular exercise is indeed the fountain of youth and a good diet too; she eats mostly what is grown and reared on her farm and it is organic.

So an aunt saw me last December at a family function wearing a fitted dress then she saw me again over Easter wearing a loose fitting dress. As she hugged me she goes thank God you are looking better now I don’t like how skinny you looked the last time I saw you! The thing is I still weigh the same give or take as I did last December; it just so happens that the fitted dress made me look smaller while the loose fitting one made me look bigger. Too funny:)

Fitness Friday

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