Thursday, 16 April 2015

Hair update!

How is everyone doing? Good I hope. This wash day update is almost two weeks overdue I just couldn’t bring myself to blog no matter how hard I tried, writers block maybe? Well anyway better late than never. So two days after I got my hair trimmed I decided to get six jumbo cornrows done and to prepare for them I did a henna treatment since I was due for one anyway. Because my hair had been shampooed two days prior I didn’t feel the need to shampoo again on rinsing out the henna the plan was to cowash after rinsing out the henna but I ended up using a little bit of my liquefied African BlackSoap because my hair still felt quite greasy from my salon trip two days prior. I still conditioned with store bought deep conditioner after rinsing, rinsed that out, applied my leave in conditioner and then blow dried since I was going to get it braided and then moisturized. I oiled my scalp with my castor oil mix after braiding.

These jumbo cornrows stay good for a week. If you push it like I did they can go ten days but can stay good for up to two weeks if you tie a scarf over them at night and keep your hands out of your hair especially if you decide to wash them in between. The best way to wash them should you choose to before the week or two weeks are up is a shampoo or conditioner spray (either shampoo or conditioner diluted with water in a spray bottle) and then just let the shower water rinse everything out. I made the mistake of massaging the shampoo into my scalp and hair and ended up having messy looking cornrows after just one week. My scalp was itching though so I needed to wash otherwise I would have just gone the entire two weeks with just a braid spray cleanse.

I maintained them by tying a scarf at night, oiling my scalp with my castor oil mix twice a week, spraying the roots, hair and scalp with Crème of Nature Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave in Conditioner which doubles up as a braid spray for me. I ended up wearing my hair in a braid out after taking out the cornrows and it made for a beautiful braid out. They looked so messy after my massaging wash that I couldn’t walk around with that mess on my head. I would definitely get them done again and take better care of them next time round. These are perfect for quick trips; which was one of the reasons I got them done in the first place, especially to the seaside if you will be indulging in plenty of water activities, rainy or humid locations when you don’t really want to deal with your hair while away for a few days but don’t want to install a long term protective style just yet. The tails can be styled into a bun, a big side braid/twist or just let loose; mine were waist length the longer the tails the better I think I will get them even longer next time. They took less than 45 minutes to install which was a plus!
The Wash Day Experience


  1. You can never go wrong with quick and easy hairstyles.

  2. Your braids look so precise, if that makes sense :-) how are you finding the CON moisturizer?

    1. Lol it does make sense! In the beginning I thought Iliked the CON moisturizer now not so much and I can't wait to finish it. It doesn't leave my hair as soft as I would like it there is a bit of a crunchy feeling going on when I use this moisturizer. Same thing I experienced with the CON lemongrass leave in but the moisturizer is not as bad. I wrote about it here
      I will not be repurchasing this moisturizer once it runs out.


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