Wednesday, 22 April 2015

It’s a banana affair!

It’s been a minute since this veteran kitchenista indulged in a little mixology. For my wash day this week I decided to give my hair a deep conditioning treatment using bananas. I blended 3 medium sized bananas with a little water I think it was a quarter cup or less I wanted my mixture thick not runny and that is what I got. The idea was to keep the mixture overnight in the fridge and deep condition the next morning, I even added a tablespoon of white vinegar to avoid oxidization (didn’t exactly work I am afraid it still turned brown  I normally use lemon juice but I was sans lemons that night). Old habits they say die hard so as I was sitting on the couch watching a late night show on telly a thought occurred to me why not just deep condition and wash this night I mean you are going to be up for at least another two hours anyway so that is exactly what I did. There was a time when I was an exclusive “night hair washer”.
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So I DC’ed for about 25 minutes on damp hair rinsed out and shampooed twice and then rinsed again. I did not put any products on my hair that night I planned to finish off everything in the morning since it was already 2am by the time I was done t-shirt drying turban style. Now the thing is of all the raw food DCs I have used bananas leave the most residues it’s nothing to worry about really but it’s a lot, little white specks everywhere no matter how well I rinse. I usually blow dry them away on cool and they are gone with the wind. The reason I still use bananas even with the extra specks removing headache is because of how ridiculously soft it leaves my hair. You can strain the bananas post blending you will still get specks but not as much as if one does not strain.  I did not use any conditioner to detangle since as much as I have a little new growth my hair hardly tangled thanks to the banana mix. I did not use any products post wash but my hair was still so soft in the morning. Easy to comb, easy to handle.

I ended up rinsing my hair out again the next morning while taking a shower to get rid of post workout sweat as I did a pretty intense sweat inducing workout that morning; and since I had no products in my hair from the night before I simply rinsed again with plain water and it was still soft and easy to handle. Banana DCs are the truth I tell you! I t-shirt dried turban style till damp again and then applied my leaves in conditioner, moisturized and sealed. I held my hair in a low bun for the rest of the day.

The Wash Day Experience


  1. I saw ur banocado recipe and on every wash day i have an urge to try it, but i chicken out in the last minute. I am really determined this time to try it out, do you feel your hair is strengthened after using bananas?

    1. Yes my hair does feel strengthened after using bananas. Do give it a try and let us know how you like it:)

  2. ONE product washday! I love it! Is your mixture better with over-ripe bananas or does it not matter?

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. It doesn't really matter as long as the bananas are ripe. I guess it would be more of an issue if one decided to mash them by hand rather than blend this is where overripe bananas would come in handy since they mash better than regular ripe bananas.


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