Friday, 15 April 2016

Fitness Friday Update!

It’s funny how things happen when you are not paying attention. I have not worked out consistently from around November last year due to a knee injury but lo and behold the weight is falling off! All I did was half pushups using the edge of a surface so as not to put any pressure on my knee to tone my arms, squats whenever my knee allowed it and plenty of walking. I did not have a regular walking schedule but simply walked whenever I felt like it or could and went swimming even though it was just once; I really need to put my swim cap back on fully. I actually started a “proper” workout routine at the beginning of this year since I could hardly do anything the whole of November and December last year when my knee injury was really bad. They say stress can make one lose or gain weight as well; I underwent a stressful situation around the same time as my knee injury last November so could that also be a factor? I do not know all I know is that I am well over that situation and the weight is still falling off. I first noticed it when I tried on some clothes I had not worn in a couple of months; these were fitted formal clothes that used to hug my body tightly that now hung loose on me. Comments from several people some who see me regularly also confirmed that I was indeed losing weight. As regards food I have not changed my diet drastically, if anything I actually think I was eating more carbs than normal especially bread both whole meal and white I guess it all boils down to calorie count. One of my friends saw me the other day and she was like you will have to start shopping for a new wardrobe very soon and I agree with her whole heartedly. I have an ideal weight that I want to reach and once I get to it I will work on maintaining that and getting toned. That’s it for today’s Fitness Friday catch you next timeJ


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