Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My Favourite Foundations!

These are my two favourite foundation sticks at the moment. One has been a fave for over a decade the other I just started using last year; it was a gift from a friend who had bought the wrong shade so she decided to give it to me. Before that I was a bonafide Fashion Fair girl, I still am. I tried MAC once but did not like it this was way back when they did not have that many shades for darker skinned complexions so I gave it a pass but I am willing to revisit it again but for now these two will do.

Fashion Fair fast finish stick foundation in colour ebony brown; I also match pure brown from the same brand. I like this because it gives me a matt finish which is perfect for oily faced me. It almost feels like a cream to powder foundation. It has a slight creamy texture when you apply and almost feels like matt powder by the time you start blending it in. I have used this brand for over a decade now both the foundation and oil control pressed powder.

Bobbi Brown Foundation stick in colour Espresso 10 this has a creamier texture than the Fashion Fair one and spreads easily which I like it also blends in very well. I only just started using this mid last year and this is definitely a brand that I am willing to restock once this one runs out. 

My face does not do liquid foundations or mousses for that matter very well I tried them once with disastrous results so I stick to stick foundations. Pardon my amateurish photography skills for clearer photos please click on the highlighted links Fashion Fair and Bobbi Brown.

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