Friday, 8 April 2016

Taking Stock Two!

Making: plenty of time for some much needed me-time
Cooking: a lot with courgettes/zucchini
Drinking: warm lemon, ginger, honey water; I have a slight sore throat
Reading: a bunch of stuff
Wanting: a whole lot of things that I am going to get soon enough
Looking: inwards
Playing: a Dionne Warwick album
Wasting: nothing
Wishing: that my short term goals materialize like yesterday
Enjoying: some downtime
Waiting: for time to pass so I can call someone when she gets off work
Liking: the way sweet almond oil makes my face feel; I just started using it as a face moisturiser
Wondering: if I should go ahead with this business idea I have been toying with
Loving: my cute pinky purple socks
Hoping: that my travel dreams come through this year
Marvelling: at how big my friend’s son has gotten, he was just a toddler the other day!
Still Needing: a new phone, a tablet and a vacation not necessarily in that order
Smelling: nothing really but I smelt some scented candles at the supermarket yesterday
Wearing: leggings, a long top and pinky purple socks
Following: some awesome people on twitter who light up my timeline never a dull moment on there:)
Noticing: my whiteheads, time for a steam and scrub session aka DIY facial
Knowing: that my happiness and peace of mind is a priority
Thinking: of yesterday - it was a really lovely day spent with lovely people
Feeling: like everything is going to work out just fine…
Bookmarking: this YouTube page just because I needed to bookmark something hehehe
Opening: my eyes wider
Giggling:  more like smiling at the moment

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