Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I laughed so hard when I came upon this article on the BBC website especially since I have spoken about “human hair” before in this post. I laughed so much my ribs hurt. Here is an excerpt from the part that really caught my attention…

"We say it is Indian hair or Brazilian hair, but in fact it is normally Chinese hair or even goat hair. They never realise. This is the only way we can keep things cheap," she says, adding that her customers always drive a hard bargain.
Before we can finish our conversation Marie from Uganda comes in, demanding: "I want Brazilian hair, only Brazilian, give me your best quality and best price."
The negotiation goes on for hours under the watchful eyes of the wig-wearing, angry-looking mannequins. As the sun sinks and the moon begins to rise over Guangzhou's polluted skyline, Marie leaves empty-handed.
I run after her as she leaves the shop to ask if she knows that some of the hair isn't human. "Of course I know. The Chinese think we're stupid. I come all the way from Uganda and they think I don't know hair," she says.
Marie pauses and then lets out a huge, hearty laugh before coming close to whisper in my ear: "I laugh a lot when I go home and I know that the beautiful women of Kampala have goats on their heads."

I am still laughing as I type this lol this is some crazy stuff it’s sad that they are duping their clients this way and funny at the same time! Synthetic hair anyone? Hahaha I can’t stop laughing! Go HERE to read the rest of the article…


  1. Hhahhahahahhahaha.....heard that too. I should also do a post on it to inform my readers...lol!


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