Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Black Shampoo Follow Up!

If you missed my review of Dexe Black Shampoo you can read it here. It’ been four weeks since I first washed my hair using this shampoo and it claimed that it could keep your hair black for up to four weeks. I have washed my hair four times since then once every week. This past wash day was another DIY one using blended ripe avocado, honey, one egg I then added a bit of glycerine and olive oil to the mix. Deep conditioned for just a little under an hour. Rinsed that off and shampooed twice using TRESemme naturals, I finally got myself some conditioner so I was able to detangle slightly in shower with conditioner. Rinsed that off then towel dried till damp, blow dried on cool, applied my leave in mix and then sealed with coconut oil after I had applied my castor oil mix to my scalp. It looks like the black shampoo actually lived up to its name, impressive! 

What my hair usually looks like

After washing with black shampoo;  photo taken four weeks ago

Four weeks later; photo taken yesterday

The Wash Day Experience


  1. That's a new one for me. Shampoo that colors your hair? I wonder if it comes in any other colors besides black. Looks like it works pretty well. It lasted you a pretty good while.

    1. I am not too sure about other colours I have only seen the black one so far.

  2. Does the shampoo rinse clean?

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. I didn't quite understand which "rinse" you were referring to KLP but I will answer it two ways how I understood it;
      The very first rinse on the actual wash day was a blackish/brownish colour of sorts but subsequent rinses were clean.
      If you were asking if it rinses hair clean like normal shampoo should then yes it does.

  3. That's really impressive. I remember when you first mentioned this...it really did work.


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