Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Random Musings!

Just a bunch of random thoughts that go through my mind every now and then some hair related most not. Enjoy!

I don’t understand;
Why women prance around in itty bitty bikinis on the beach but scream and cover themselves when someone accidentally walks in on them in their underwear is it not the same thing you are wearing:)

Why some societies expect women to automatically take on their husband’s name after marriage. Do you now stop becoming your parent’s child simply because you are married? This girl is keeping her name I may hyphenate it socially but I am keeping my name I come from great people and I will not let my family name disappear just like that.

Why people feel the need to share their lives and private family moments on YouTube vlogs especially when no one’s paying them to do so, but maybe that’s just because I am a very private person. But I must admit though I do enjoy watching some of them hahaha even though every now and then I will see something and I am like do we really need to see or know that?

I admire;
Cultures like the Spanish naming culture that gives children both the father and mothers’ surnames after all it was teamwork that brought the little ones into the world. That is something that I too intend to do someday.

These days;
I find myself scrutinizing people’s hair everywhere and I mean everywhere I go and giving them hair care tips in my head! I blame it on this hair journey lol  

I sometimes wonder;
How my life would have turned out if I was born in a different country, continent, family, race and even a different gender. Even though I can’t imagine myself being a boy I like being a girl way too much:)

I wish;
I could have done some things differently in the past and made different decisions. But that’s all in the past now focusing on the future.

I took more risks I am way too careful for my liking.

I am glad;
That I am not the same person I was ten years ago. Thank you Lord for growth and maturity!

I am grateful;
For the gift of life. Don’t take it for granted!
For a forgiving spirit
For good health
For family
For friends
For all my lovely readers
For the support from my fellow hair bloggers you ladies rock!

I may not be exactly where I wanted to be in life at this stage but I am grateful for second chances and the ability to start over again it is never too late.  Where there is life there is hope have a blessed day/night ladies!


  1. This hair journey make a critic out of all of us, thankfully its all in our head! lol

  2. I loved this post. I enjoy reading relationship blogs that are transparent . Being on a HHJ will make you do that.

  3. So get you about the beach bikini thing hehe. I know what u mean about Youtube videos, but boy am I a guilty watcher hehe. Great randomness!

    1. Thanks Yvonne! I would rather have a totally anonymous blog and write about my family life than vlog about it lol


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