Friday, 2 May 2014

Fitness Fridays: Alternatives

So you just found a workout routine you would really like to try out online but it requires using weights. Problem is you have no weights or the ones you ordered are yet to arrive so what do you do? Simple fill up empty plastic bottles with water preferably two litres or more bottles, milk jugs are especially great for this since they have handles making it easier for you to hold them just make sure you fill them up all the way to the top and that the lid is securely closed. No empty bottles around? Worry not how about you check your pantry for some canned food and use those as weights. If all else fails then use your almost full or yet to be used shampoos and conditioners you must have some of those lying around. Basically any heavy items you have lying around the house that can safely be used as weights will do the trick in the absence of conventional weights.
This is the type of milk jug you can use if you have similar containers with handles those are good too. (Photo Source)
Unable to do floor pushups? No worries just use the edge of your bed, sofa or chair for easier pushups you will still achieve a lot while not straining yourself. Make sure the bed, sofa or chair is sturdy or leaning against a wall so that it doesn’t move while doing pushups.

In the spirit of using furniture for workouts, here’s one using a chair in the video below;
Fitness Friday


  1. I used to do this years ago, great post! :)

  2. It's a good thing I did not write about those chicken soup cans I have in my pantry. They work so well for me. I agree with everything you say.

  3. I got a text from my neighbor yesterday. She asked me if I had my superwoman shirt on under my clothes because I carried in 12 bags of groceries + my purse all in one trip. I replied: Girl...this was my workout for the day! LOL.

    Great alternatives to get you active.

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  4. I have done this before until I got fed up and said, I'mma buy me some weights. I picked up some relatively cheap at Walmart. The KMart near me is going out of business. Hope I can stock up on some neat items.
    Divachyk | Relaxed Thairapy

    1. I agree it may get cumbersome to use these alternatives all the time but they are great for a temporary solution:)


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