Friday, 18 July 2014

Fitness Fridays: Hodgepodge

Today’s Fitness Friday contains a mixed bag of sorts. First up;

How to pick out running shoes: I know I needed this video….

Next: How to pick workout clothes
  • The exercise you are about to do will determine your workout clothes simple things like a bathing suit for swimming, running shoes for jogging or running. Try and get workout gear that is suited to your exercise(s). Make sure the clothes are stretchy and comfortable enough for you and most importantly the right size no one wants to be jogging and fixing a loose shoulder strap at the same time or endure a butt rip during a yoga stretch.
  • If you exercise outdoors outside of daylight hours when visibility is limited invest in some reflective gear or workout clothes with reflective panels for safety.
  • If you are partaking in an activity where you are likely to get injured or fall like roller skating, cycling etc make sure you invest in knee and elbow pads and a helmet and wear them at all times during your workout activity to avoid injuries.
  • Look out for workout clothes made out of fabric like polyester, lycra or spandex they will keep your body cool and help your skin breathe while working out. Cotton is good too but not for very sweaty exercises as it tends soak up the sweat and cling to your body once wet and feels heavy.
  • Invest in a good sports bra for maximum support. Avoid wearing dangly jewellery while working out. Make use of headbands to keep hair out of your face and also absorb sweat.
  • Be weather appropriate. Dress in cool workout clothes in hot weather that help your skin breathe and removable layers in cold weather if working out outdoors.
  • Don’t be drab be cute:) Bright colours always brighten up an otherwise gloomy day so get workout clothes in colours that make you happy for me that would be orange and yellow.

Finally my cheat meal for today. Battered Courgette chips or Zuchinni fries if you like with a homemade grated tomato and garlic dip (just cook the tomato garlic mixture down a bit on low heat to get rid of the tangy taste) . Cheat because it is fried the healthier option is to grill or bake. Very simple to make; cut courgettes into thick strips sprinkle some salt on them, make a batter using flour and whatever spices you have. I used cayenne pepper, dried thyme leaves, turmeric and ground coriander/cilantro ½ teaspoon of each and mixed all the ingredients with water to a pancake batter consistency. Coated the courgette chips in the batter and shallow fried for about 2-3 minutes until golden brown and then drained on a paper towel.   

Courgette chips/Zucchini fries with a tomato and garlic dip
Can English just be standardised worldwide already please Courgette or Zuchinni, chips or fries,  a rose by any other name is still a rose:) Courgette is actually a French loan word and Zuchinni an Italian loan word for the same veggie to us English speakers.  I wonder if Spanish speakers in Spain and Mexico for example have different names for the same items. I say lift you say elevator I say aubergine you say eggplant I spell colour you spell color I spell moisturise you spell moisturize I say A to zed you say A to zee it never ends hahaha. 



  1. I swear I shop for workout clothes more than I shop for regular work or casual clothes. They are getting sporty and nifty too.

    1. I am the opposite I have been mentally shopping for proper workout clothes in my mind for the longest time now lol time to physically hit the shops. Thank you for stopping by:)

  2. I rarely shop for workout clothes. I love my T-shirt and comfortable leggings.

    1. Yes to comfortable t-shirts and leggings! The only form of workout clothing that I have bought consistently over the years are bathing suits just because I love swimming and track bottoms I am hitting the shops very soon!


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