Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Braids Wash Day!

My scalp was itching so I decided to wash my protective styled hair today as opposed to next Sunday as planned. I usually shampoo wash my braids every two weeks unless I am doing intense very sweaty high impact cardio throughout the week then I wash weekly.  I have had these twists in for about a week and a half now. This is how it went down:

  • I filled up my spray bottle with some ORS creamy aloe shampoo about a quarter way full and then diluted it the rest of the way with tap water the mix was three quarter way full in my spray bottle.
  • Stood under running shower to get braids wet
  • Turned off the water and generously sprayed shampoo mix on my scalp massaged the shampoo into my scalp and braids.
  • Rinsed that off, repeated the process and this time sprayed the remaining shampoo mix in my spray bottle on the length of my braids and then rinsed again.
Now normally I don’t condition braids because I always use a leave in conditioner mix after shampooing on braids wash days but I was trying to use up this almost finished conditioner so I can have a genuine excuse to buy one more conditioner:)

  • I did the same thing with the conditioner like I did shampoo; poured some into my spray bottle halfway through and then diluted the rest with tap water and then sprayed generously on my scalp and braids. I tied up the hair in a bun as I finished off my other shower activities.
  • Rinsed off the conditioner and towel turbaned the braids until damp.
  • Sprayed on my Crème of Nature Argan oil strength and shine leave in conditioner and then let the braids air dry and that was my braids/twist wash day. I am so in love with this leave in I have hardly touched my other one since I got it.

Not to confuse anyone my hair is currently in two strand twists with extensions aka Senegalese twists not box braids for some reason I always end up saying braids even when I am in twists but you guys the picture:)

The Wash Day Experience


  1. Oh the ease of wash day in twists! How long does it take for the braids to dry?

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. I tell you this wash day was a breeze! The braids took about 5 hours to be fully dry since I was indoors. Had I been walking about or just seated outside they would have dried in less than two hours.

  2. Boy, do I love your step-by-step instructions! You even made it a point to tell us that you turned the water off:-) Washing your braids is important, a great way to stop breakage.


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