Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Henna With A Splash of Red!

It has been a couple of months since my last full head henna application.  I have been meaning to henna my hair from the beginning of this year, but the procrastinator in me would not let me do it for the last month. So last Sunday I said to myself it was now or never and actually got round to finally doing it.

I mixed my henna with cold water and about a spoonful of white vinegar and added a heaped spoonful of powdered red food colour that had been sitting idle in my cupboard since my last red velvet cake attempt. I think it was called raspberry or something but comes out red when mixed with water. Anyway I added the food colour into the henna mixed well adding water as needed, covered the mixture with cling film and let it sit overnight for the henna dye to release.

Next morning I wet my hair in the shower towel blotted damp and proceeded to apply the henna I have become much better at henna applications; less messy and quick. Application done I wrapped cling film around my hair, secured everything with a scarf and let the mixture sit in my hair for about three hours. I even took a nap in between but made sure to cover my pillow with an old t-shirt just in case of any leakage – thankfully there was hardly any.
The reddish brown hue can best be seen in sunlight/natural light
I never set out to sit with henna in my hair for three hours it just happened house chores and all. Once I was ready to rinse I hopped into the shower and rinsed out well. Henna takes several rinses to come out properly I take about 30 - 45 minutes in the shower on henna wash days. Hair rinsed I shampooed with African Black Soap twice and then conditioned with regular conditioner and let that sit for about five minutes as I cleaned the shower walls -  it was red all over. Bathroom clean I slightly detangled in shower and then rinsed out my hair and t-shirt blotted dry. I applied a little bit of coconut oil and let it air dry for the rest of the night. The next day I oiled my scalp with my amla/castor oil mix, moisturized with my leave in conditioner and then did four joining braids in readiness for a braid out. And then it rained the next day so I ended up with a bun instead of a braid out:( 
I always tuck in the tails to prevent them from unravelling

The Wash Day Experience