Monday, 12 October 2015

DIY Conditioning Cap!

My hair and I are yet to decide on whether to touch up or get a long term protective style. I actually went two weeks without washing my hair the horror! It all boiled down to good old laziness nothing else until my scalp could take it no more and started itching like crazy so I finally had to wash it. Still living the bun life and loving it, low maintenance and hardly any manipulation. On wash day I took my bun down and detangled slightly and then,
Shampooed twice with liquified African Black Soap click here to see how I liquiefy mine,

And then conditioned with,

I am yet to find a conditioner that can rival this one. Great slip and smells great! The comb just glides through my 30 plus weeks post hair. I only had issues in sections where I did not detangle properly pre shampooing. Conditioner applied I let it sit on my hair for a while since I had to prepare a quick meal that had to go somewhere so I decided to cook first then rinse later. I wrapped cling film around my hair, scarf on top of that and proceed to make the meal. Later while in the midst of wrapping the food with tin foil I had the bright idea to wrap it on top of the cling film and then tie a scarf sort of like a DIY conditioning cap so I did exactly that (after wrapping the food first of course) and let it sit for maybe 20 more minutes. So it was a layer of conditioned hair, cling film, tin foil and then a scarf. I actually saw some conditioning caps that I liked at my local Beauty Supply Store last week I may just pick one up next time I pop in. Hair conditioned I rinsed it off and then t-shirt dried till damp applied my leave in conditioning cream and then let it air dry. I made four large jumbo braids later and oiled my scalp with my Amla/Castor oil mix the next morning since I did not want to stain my pillows with oil seeing as I washed my hair in the early evening. I really need to make up my mind on what to do with this hair in the next week or so my new growth is like a wild bush!

The Wash Day Experience

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Taking Stock: One!

I have been reading a lot of these taking stock posts on some of the blogs I follow and decided to do one as well. I am not sure how often I will be doing them or if I will even do more at all but here goes for the first one….Research tells me that this lovelyblogger started the “Taking Stock” posts way back in 2013 and quite a number of bloggers have joined in since then.

Making: room for some awesomeness coming my way
Cooking: a lot with wheat berries (whole wheat grains) these days
Drinking: lemon water
Reading: Maya Angelou’s “The Heart of a Woman”…second time round almost a decade later
Wanting: more than I could possibly afford right now
Looking: at my computer screen and TV at the same time
Playing: nothing
Wasting: plenty of time right now…not good at all and very unlike me
Sewing: nothing but I was gonna hem a trouser that does count…no?
Wishing: I could take the pain away for a dear dear sister friend going through a really tough time
Enjoying: my own company
Waiting: for someone to reply to my text message
Liking: how my hair smells; I just washed it:)
Wondering: if I should have a smoothie or not
Loving: these Plimsolls/Plimsoles I recently bought
Hoping: to travel more next year
Marvelling: at how fast the year has gone gheez slow down already!
Needing: a new phone, a tablet and a vacation not necessarily in that order
Smelling: my hair
Wearing: sweatpants and a tee
Following: the comments on this controversial post on my Facebook newsfeed
Noticing: how beautiful Hawaii is (I am watching TV:) I need to visit
Knowing: that joy comes in the morning
Thinking: of my dear dear sister friend going through a really tough time right now
Feeling: like making a smoothie but I am too lazy to get off this couch plus I don’t feel like washing out the blender this night. Done touching water for the day
Bookmarking: my paypal page; don’t ask
Opening: my browser
Giggling:  right on track with these TV people
Feeling: warm and cosyJ

I really had fun doing my very first taking stock post!  Initially I was not going to do the entire list but only pick what spoke to me; customize to suit my current mood but I found myself typing away without a break:) I would definitely do one again.